Thursday, May 1, 2008

Earth Day (archive from April 2008)

Have you noticed the hottest color around these days in “Green”? Not only is it politically correct and good for the environment, but the media has caught on and everywhere you look you are encouraged to go “green”. I was in Barnes and Nobles last weekend and there is an entire table set up for books on how to conserve energy, reduce waste, and protect the environment. In Wal-mart, there are displays with “green” cleaning products, CFL light bulbs, “green” pajamas, and t-shirts that are made from recycled coke bottles. Oprah has asked us to make “going green” more than just a catchy line – but to make it a part of your life every day. In addition to her special program today for Earth day, she has an article on MSN called “Green 101” with easy tips on how to conserve energy and protect the environment. Of course the celebrity endorsements from Matt Damon, Sheryl Crow, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock and Leonardo DiCaprio also make going “green” very cool.

I admit that I got bit by the “green” bug about a month ago. Although I have recycled for several years, I felt that I could do more in the area of conservation. The first thing I did was search the internet and I found a list of easy ways to conserve energy in our home. When I got home that night, I told Trey that I wanted to talk about making some changes in our lifestyle. I think he rolled his eyes when I pulled out my list, but he listened patiently (and after realizing that it did not require much work from him) he agreed with my suggestions. So far I have made a bigger effort to recycle and I notice that the amount of garbage that we are producing is much less. Trey has cleaned up the garage so that I can get to my recycle bin (which has been covered with tools for the past few months making it difficult to access). We purchased a water filter for the kitchen faucet and stopped buying bottled water. I also got us cool Nalgene bottles to keep on our desks at work and in the car (pink ones for me and blue for Trey). I have bought green cleaning products, changed our programmable thermostat setting, and stopped using paper plates. I also unplug the blow dryer, flat iron, cell phone chargers, toaster, coffee pot, and laptops when they are not being used.

In honor of Earth Day (today), I wanted to do something monumental to celebrate. Of course, I could not come up with anything monumental in the span of 4 days (which is when I actually started thinking about Earth Day). So I am doing something small, which is reaching out to my friends and family and asking them to make a difference. Look for tips on easy ways to make a change (believe me, you will not have to look far) and do one thing this week that will help the environment. I might also turn out the lights and TV for one hour tonight in honor of Earth Hour (which I missed last month). Although I don’t know if I can get Trey to agree to that – we are in the middle of NBA playoffs! Happy Earth Day everyone!

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