Friday, May 2, 2008

Her Knight in Shining Armor

I have always considered Sophia to be a little princess. It actually started in the hospital, right after she was born. As most of you know, when I was pregnant I decided not to find out the sex of the baby. I wanted to experience the excitement on my delivery day when the doctor announces "It's a Boy/Girl"! We were actually very surprised when the doctor delivered the baby, then looked at Trey and said, "Well Dad, what is it"?

"Oh my gosh, It's A GIRL!", he shouted. He tells me that he fell in love with her at that exact moment.

While the nurse was taking care of her after delivery, Trey started taking pictures and we were talking excitedly. I noticed that when Trey spoke, Sophia turned her head in his direction as if she recognized his voice. She was already looking for her daddy.

In was during our stay at the hospital that I started calling her my princess. She was so little, so sweet and so innocent. Since we had not found out the sex of the baby during my pregnancy, we had not finished decorating the baby's room. I had picked out bedding for a boy with trains and firetrucks in blue and red. Then I picked out the girl's bedding which was pink, white, and green with a princess and ballerina theme. We have now added a princess lamp, lightswitch, pillow and even a princess rug with a crown in the middle. Up until that point, all the clothes we had recieved or bought were yellow, green, or white so they were gender neutral. Suddenly our world was painted pink as we received little dresses, blankets, onesies, and booties for our baby girl.

Even today, Trey and I tend to prefer to dress our little princess in pink. She has pink tennis shoes, pink shirts, pink leggins, pink jackets, and most of the time she has a pink bow in her hair. She loves her dolls, loves to give them bottles, and push them around in their pink doll stoller.

Like all princesses, Sophia has a Knight in Shining Armor. I hear her ask for him every morning when I walk in her room and he is the last thing she asks for each night before she goes to bed.

His name is "Daddy".

She has always been attached to her daddy, but she has recently reached an all-time high with her Daddy obsession. Mommy has been pushed aside (literally) and only Daddy can fill her needs right now. I bought her a Barbie book the other day, and she pointed to the picture of Ken dancing with Barbie. "Daddy!", she squealed with excitement. If I pull my car in the garage and she see's Trey's car parked there, she starts chanting "Dad-de, Dad-de, Dad-de". Yesterday we were all playing outside and she walked over to Trey and grabbed his hand. I was sitting on the ground in front of her and she stuck her arm out and waved it from side to side - "Mooov!" she exclaimed. I had just been bumped out of the way so that my princess could go play with her Knight in shining armor. She will run past me to give her daddy a hug, but turn her cheek away if I try to kiss her. I tried to comfort her in her crib the other night but she ran away from me and screamed for her daddy. This morning I went in her room and she did not lift her arms for me to pick her up. She just simply sat in her bed, looked at me and asked "Daddy"? I just walked out of the room and told her Daddy that the princess wanted him.

Although he is enjoying his new status, I think that Trey is getting a little worn out from being the constant hero in this fairy tale. He is required to hold the princess at all times, her shoes must never touch the ground if her Knight is around. She also likes him to push her in her carriage (her stroller) around the neighborhood while the wind blows through her blonde curly hair. I have actually been able to cook, clean, and do some laundry without constant interruption this past week. Wow, I sound like Cinderella! I think I want my prince back! Good thing the princess has an early bedtime so that I can steal her Knight in Shining Armor away and spend some time with him myself!

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Opa said...

I put this in the wrong place so here it is agasin. This is the first time I've every commented on a blog site. But sense this is my first granddaughter here I go, this is awsome !!!!!!! Sophia has to be the most beautiful princess in the world. I love her so much. I even Love love her parents. Opa

May 2, 2008 12:02 PM