Saturday, May 10, 2008

Looking for a laugh

It has been brought to my attention that I might need to clarify the title and subject of the last entry in my blog. PEER FEAR, which is defined as Paranoid Excessively Engineered Retreat from Friends' Extremely Appalled Reactions is NOT a real disease. It is an acronym that I made up to describe the nervousness I feel about letting people read what I write. Basically it means that I worry what other people think, which I believe is quite normal.

So please be assured that I do NOT have a severe disease or malady (yes Trey, I put the definition of malady at the bottom of the page because I know you would have to look it up). You should know that I often use humor to get over the hurdles of life. Well, humor and lots of prayer. I hope you found some humor in PEER FEAR, because we can all use more laughter in our lives.


ashley said...

LOVE IT! you crack me up. i'll have to remember about peer fear the next time i start worrying about what other's think about me - which will probably be sometime later today! :)

melissa said...

I am one of your biggest fans. sorry I left on the stage alone. I have really enjoyed reading your blogs. it makes me feel close to you even when I don't have time to talk to you. Keep it coming girl, You are doing great!!!

Anonymous said...

I too suffer from PEER FEAR and to know that my lack of comments and feedback may have brought that on in a friend makes me sad...and I know giving me a guilt-trip was NOT your intention when you wrote that:). I have always admired your talent to write (and thanks for the shout out)so keep them coming!! I really enjoy your insights into life and like Melissa said, it really helps me to understand and know you better. What you are doing takes courage and I really admire you for taking that leap of faith and following your heart.