Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My little girl is growing up...

My little girl is growing up. Now this is not earth shattering news to anyone that has a child, but it seems like every day she does something new that amazes me. The past few weeks she has brought lots of smiles (and a few tears) to my face.

First, Sophia is learning to be a little actress. We were at the mall the other day and she was strapped in her stroller drinking some milk. Suddenly she threw her sippie cup on the floor and it bounced around, spilling milk on the floor of the sunglasses store. I quickly picked up the cup, cleaned up the milk, asked her to tell me she was sorry. She looked at the floor, started batting her eyelashes and got this sad little look on her face. Then she looked up at me and whispered in a quiet little voice “Sor-re” as she rolled her eyes. I was floored because I had never seen her do this before and her acting job was WAY over the top. I can see her using this innocent routine to her advantage in the future, especially with her daddy who will fall for it every time.

This past weekend, I had just managed to stumble out of bed and brush my teeth when Sophia marched into my room. She grabbed me by the hand and started pulling me down the hallway to her play kitchen that is set up right outside her room. Still holding my hand, she yanked me down and pointed to the floor where she wanted me to sit. Then she grabbed Trey’s hand and did the same with him until we were both sitting on the floor in front of her kitchen. Apparently Sophia wanted an audience as she pretended to cook and serve us breakfast. I watched in amazement as she pushed the button for her blender and then “poured” us some food on a plate for me and in a pot for Trey. We pretend to eat with the plastic spoons and a spatula that she handed us, and made lots of “Mmmm” sounds in appreciation. Then she poured us some milk (or as she says MALK) in one of the little cups for us to drink. We smiled and shared our drink before she took it back to pour some for herself. I could not wipe the surprise and amazement off my face as I realized that she learned most of this from watching me in the kitchen.

One of the highlights of my weekend was yesterday afternoon, when Sophia told me that she needed to potty. I raced into action as I grabbed her hand and headed for the downstairs bathroom with her potty chair, and when we got to the bathroom she actually still had a dry diaper. I managed to pull off her shorts and diaper before she sat down on her little potty – and she went by herself! Now she has been going on the potty for several months now but only when I ask her if she needs to go, this was one of the first times that she has asked me to go potty and has made it there in time to go by herself. (Most of the time she tells me right after she has gone in her diaper). We celebrated her potty success by clapping, dancing around, telling Daddy her big news and with stickers. Stickers are a BIG hit in our house right now. I was so proud to hear my little growing girl gleefully shout “Mommy – potty”!

Another heartbreaking milestone is the fact that Sophia is putting two word sentences together now, which is usually “Bye-Bye Mommy”. She has a play doorway in the living room downstairs and she opens and closes that door repeatedly as she walks back and forth. Just recently she started saying “Bye-Bye Mommy” as she headed out her door - I watch her little face as she tells me goodbye then she disappears behind the door as she shuts it between us. When we are upstairs in my bathroom getting ready in the morning, she will say “Bye-Bye, mommy” as she leaves my bedroom and closes the door. Then she runs down the hallway to her room to play (which is one of the reasons we leave the baby monitor on ALL the time, so I can listen to her while she is playing).

This morning was the worst. Sophia was playing with her baby doll and putting it in her big four-wheeler stroller that we use to tote everything to the pool, while Trey and I were grabbing our keys and lunches to head out the door to work. She was behind the stroller pretending to push it when I had to tell her goodbye so Trey could take her to daycare. She looked so grown up as she turned to me and said “Bye-bye Mommy” in her sweet, innocent little voice. My heart broke when she reached out to give me a hug then blew me a kiss. I waited for what can sometimes follow our goodbyes, but there were no tears, no cries for mommy, no indication that she would miss me terribly while I was at work today. Well I guess there may have been a few tears, but they were probably mine when I realized that she is getting old enough to be happy about mommy going Bye-Bye.

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ashley said...

i love the pic of sophia at the top of your blog! precious! reading this made me smile and sad all at the same time, because i am wanting to stop time right now and soak all of court up that i can. i can't believe how big miss sophia is already!! where does the time go? :)