Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fun with the Family

Trey and I are going to have our families visiting over the next week and a half. Today his parents are driving up from Louisiana with Hanna (who is Trey’s godchild and Sophia’s godmother) and they will be here until Monday. As some of you know, Trey’s parents have an apartment near our house where they stay when they come to visit us in Dallas. It helps them feel more at home while they are here and it also helps with the pet situation. We have our dog Coco and our cat Bella, while they have a little dog named Boots. We have yet to figure out a configuration where more than one pet can be in the house at the same time without barking, hissing, chasing, and growling. The chaos was compounded when Sophia was born almost two years ago, so now his parents have their own place to stay and feel that they can visit for longer periods of time. It also gives us a chance to let Sophia spend the night with her grandparents when they come to visit (can you say date night for mommy and daddy)! However, I have a strange feeling that a certain little girl will be sleeping over at our house several nights this week instead of staying at my in-law’s apartment.

Next week my daycare provider is going to be on vacation, so I asked my mom to come down from West Virginia to spend the week with us and take care of Sophia. I thought mom would enjoy the chance to spend time alone with her youngest granddaughter that she rarely gets to visit. My instinct was right and mom will be here from Saturday night through next Saturday morning. Their days will probably consist of breakfast, play, pool, play, lunch, naps, play, and maybe more pool time. It is basically 95 degrees every day here in Dallas so the pool is best place to be during the day. Well, the pool and the play place at the mall near our house, where she can run and jump in air conditioned comfort then have an overpriced cookie from the food court. I will also have to find out when they have story time at the library, so maybe mom can take her like she did with me when I was a little girl. I find it ironic that story time at the library is only held during the day, the very hours that I spend sitting at my desk at work. Is it too much to ask to help a working mom out and schedule a time for toddlers after 5:00 PM?

Of course, this is the week that I decided to make a personal financial sacrifice by giving up my twice a month house cleaning duo of Ricardo and Eduardo. (Yes, I have two Brazilian men who clean my house - jealous?) Trey and I are each giving up personal expenses to cut down on our monthly budget (I sat down and calculated how much we spent on gas and groceries this month I was astounded)! Trey is giving up ordering pizza and going to Starbucks, we are both giving up going out to eat (more than once a week), and my wonderful, magical, mysterious cleaning men will not be back for awhile. I loved leaving for work with cluttered kitchen counters and dishes in the sink but when I came home it was like POOF! Magically my sink was sparkling white, my wood floors were gleaming, and the dishes were clean and put away. (Admittedly, I have to search for the dishes for the next week because they never seem to make it back to the right cabinet). Although Trey is more than willing to help with laundry, vacuuming, and dishes - there is always something more fun we would both rather be doing on the weekends than cleaning. But no more life of luxury for me – time to get down to cleaning these next few days before mom arrives.

As much as I enjoy having friends and family come to visit, I usually feel obligated to make suggestions regarding how we spend our time. So to all my friends who live in the DFW metroplex – where can I take my husband, daughter, mother, in-laws, and godchild for fun over the next week? Do you have any restaurant suggestions, exhibits, festivals, or ideas about fun things to do with this mixed assortment of relatives?


Sara Rice said...

You are VERY brave to give up Eduardo and Ricardo (I cracked up at the rhyming names...are they twins?). I think I would rather give up pedicures/manicures than my cleaning woman. God bless her!!!!

I'm drawing a blank on activities. Jason's cousin and his fiance are coming into town for the 4th and I'm struggling with (inexpensive) activities also.

Trisha said...

ha yeah a little jealous steph of the brazilian HOUSE CLEANERS! that is unheard of! haha hope you all had a good time this past weekend and found something fun to do! i hope that nick and i can go visit ya'll before the fall semester starts :)