Thursday, July 31, 2008

Could the Bushes' be coming to Dallas?

Political discussions and debate do not rank very high on my list of interesting topics of conversation, however I did find this piece of news fairly intriguing. According to this recent Newsweek article, President Bush and the first lady are considering a move to Dallas after they vacate the White House in January.

Apparently Dallas is just a few hours away from their ranch in Crawford, TX and Mrs. Bush is leading the hunt for a house in Dallas. Four potential neighborhoods are even named as possible locations for the Bushes’. Interesting to note, the article includes links to three potential homes that are in consideration. You can check them out and discuss your favorite with your friends, just like a live version of the HGTV show House Hunters. My personal favorite is Seneca Drive in Bluffview, which is a bargain at just $3.29 million.

If you have $3 to $5 million burning a hole in you pocket, you could get in a bidding war with the Bushes’ or buy a house down the street and become their neighbor. I was recovering from the recent news of the Jonas Brothers moving to Dallas and now I find out that the Bushes’ are hot on their heels. If I’m lucky, I will wake up tomorrow morning and find out that Matthew Mcconaughey, his girlfriend, and new baby boy have moved into my neighborhood. I will definitely be knocking on their door to schedule a play date for Sophia!

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