Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Daddy's Lessons to his Little Girl

I can proudly tell you that I am not the only one in our house who is involved in teaching Sophia. I enjoy reading her stories, telling her the names of animals in her books, and letting her help me cook. We count to five on our fingers and sing our ABC’s. (By the way mom, she LOVES the magnetic alphabet toy you got her for her birthday. She tries to sing the alphabet song while dancing around the kitchen now). But I assure you, I am not in this parenting boat alone. Her daddy is also an endless source of information for our young daughter. however, I have determined that most of it is useless. I’m sure you are asking yourself, what useless knowledge has Trey decided to impart to Sophia? Let’s see, first he taught her to roll her eyes (which she does quite well). He tried to get her to say “what-ever” when she rolled her eyes but thankfully she never caught on to that. Then he taught her how to give a “wet willie” Yes, she licks her finger then sticks it in your ear and starts laughing. He also started calling her a goofball, so now she goes around calling everyone else a goofball. “Mommy’s a goofball, No Daddy’s a goofball!”, she says. Another valuable lesson – how to fake sleep and how to make the sound of fake snoring. Trey pretended to be asleep on the airplane a few weeks ago and now she likes to imitate him. The only redeeming act here is that I taught her how to wake up her sleeping daddy with a “princess kiss." Now she likes for us to pretend to be asleep so she can kiss us and magically wake us up!

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Sophia's Daddy sounds like an amazing guy!!!!