Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Gathered by God

Dedicated to my Fusion Bible Study Group:
After more than 4 years, it appears our journey together is coming to an end.
You have meant so much to me that I was compelled to write one last poem for all of you.

Fusion was our beginning
Friendships formed by chance
Four years later it's clear to me
God gathered us with his hands

We've walked with God together
We've shared, we've laughed, we've cried
We've lost some couples along the way
And gained others by our side

Now pulled in many directions
Our paths begin to diverge
God's blessings are still upon us
Answers to prayers that he has heard

Many changes are taking place
New babies, new homes, new careers
We must take these steps to move forward
It's time to put aside our fears

Our friendships still remain
Although distance may keep us apart
We walk with just our spouses now
The end, just like the start


melissa said...

Thanks for the beautiful poem. Tears are streaming as I am writing this. God gave us this group just when we needed it. Even though we all may not see or talk as often as we used to, I know we will all carry each other close to our hearts and keep one another in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Mel crying??? What?
I think the poem was very nice Steph.

ashley said...

are ya'll leaving the group too?!?!?! great poem - just sad if ya'll are leaving.... :) it took rhett and i 2 years to find this group - we ain't doing that again any time soon. :) we love ya'll too much!