Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pink Potty Training

Over the weekend, we bought Sophia a pink potty chair for her bathroom upstairs. Her eyes widened when she saw me pull the box out of the trunk after we got home from shopping and she started clapping.

“Yay, potty!” she said.

On our way upstairs to take her bath that evening, she told me that she needed to potty! I was so excited but I was not sure if she could hold it until Trey opened the box and assembled the pink plastic potty. She danced around her room in excitement as Trey pushed the little fasteners in place and quickly got it ready for its first use.

I pulled off her shorts but asked her to show me how she pulled down her pull-up. She pulled up the front of her shirt to her neck and held it in place with her chin, then peered over her round belly as she started tugging at the sides and back of her pull-up. I clasped my hand over my mouth so she could not hear the giggles that were trying to escape. She would tug a little at the front and tug a little more in the back, while trying to keep her shirt out of the way. Eventually she worked her princess pull-up down over her little bootie until it was at her ankles. She scooted backwards until she was able to sit on her potty. A few seconds later, her eyes lit up and she started clapping. Success!

Shhh! Don’t tell her, but I bought her some new My Little Pony panties for her birthday on Saturday!


Daddy said...

My little baby girl is growing up!!! Where has the time gone? But I am very proud of my little sweetheart!!

ashley said...

yay! i am so thrilled to hear this!! yipppeeee sophia! after reading your last post steph, i wanted to call you right away and tell you i understand the mommy guilt already after 4 months. but, it was right at the time you were picking sophia up, so i waited, and then forgot. imagine that! so, please know that i am hoping and praying that the pottying and the greeting mommy after work is getting better each day. you are a WONDERFUL mommy and i look up to you in so many mommy ways already! :) keep up the great work.