Thursday, August 7, 2008

My sick Sophia

Trey is at home with Sophia today, on her second day of being sick with a stomach virus. Yesterday was my day to stay at home to comfort her cries, clean up her messes, and watch cartoons all day long while lounging on the couch. Just last week I was amazed to see my little girl growing up and celebrating her 2nd birthday. Suddenly she seemed so small and helpless to me.

On the couch in the living room, I made a comfy bed of pillows and added Sophia’s baby dolls for company. I sat down beside her, she crawled in my lap and leaned against me while we watched Dora, Strawberry Shortcake and The Little Mermaid. A fever left her cheeks flushed and her eyes glassy. Her hair was frizzy from sweating in her sleep but I never bothered to chase her with a comb like I do most mornings.

If I got off the couch, Sophia would follow me. Her arms outstretched, she asked me to hold her and buried her face into my shoulder searching for comfort. She got quiet and clingy right before her tummy would turn and she cried right afterwards. Back on the couch, I rubbed her back and tummy and she fell asleep in my arms twice (something we have not experienced for over a year).

In the middle of our second sick night, I called the emergency nurse. I considered taking her to the ER (we feared she may be dehydrated) but I could not stand the thought of Sophia getting an IV. Instead I chose the option to wake her every ten minutes and make her drink teaspoons of liquid from a medicine syringe. She slept in our bed so we could hear if she got sick again. Once I got out of bed this morning, she asked to go potty (a good sign that she was not dehydrated) and my fears were eased slightly. She seemed to be feeling a little better, but we took her to the doctor to be sure.

Now she is back at home with her daddy and watching cartoons on the couch. If she continues to keep her fluids down, she can start to eat again this afternoon. Her sickness was bittersweet; it hurt me to see her in pain but I was holding my baby in my arms again. She is a little big for my lap now, her legs fall off my lap and her arms wrap all the way around my neck. I pray that she is feeling better and that she and Trey both get some rest today.
***Pic of Sophia getting a back rub (before she got sick)

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