Thursday, August 14, 2008

Slacker Steph

I admit it.

I am a slacker.

It has been a few weeks since I have written, either on my blog or in my journal.

Excuses are easy. I’ve been busy, Sophia was sick, I was traveling, I have a lot to do at work, the Olympics keep my up late every night. Trey finally mentioned my blog today and I vowed to update it ASAP.

Over the past few weeks, there were several topics that I wanted to write about but I never took the time to update you about what is going on in the Suiresphere. Here is a quick rundown.

Three weeks ago, all three Suires braved the 100 degree heat to meet a photographer outside on a sunny Saturday evening by the canals in Las Colinas. Our plan was to take a new family portrait and then capture some cute pictures of Sophia as she was about to turn two years old. Brandi, a wonderful photographer here in Dallas, brought lots of cute girly props and I brought about 5 different outfits for Sophia to wear. We scheduled 1 ½ hours of time to capture some memorable moments on film. Forty-five minutes and four outfits later, we gave up. Not one smile was snapped by the camera, Sophia threw a tantrum and she shouted “NOOO!” anytime the camera was aimed in her direction. We tried stuffed animals, we set up a tea party, we put on fairy wings, and we tired on a tiara. I think we tried to hard. Hot and tired, we headed home with hopes of a re-shoot on a cooler day.

Two weeks ago was Sophia’s 2nd Birthday! After much discussion, Trey and I agreed to forgo the typical two year old birthday party. His parents were in town, so we all took Sophia to the Children's Museum that is part of the Museum of Nature & Science. SHE HAD A BLAST! I highly recommend the museum to anyone with children under the age of seven who live in the Dallas area. It is a hands-on experience with five different galleries full of interactive exhibits – all we did was chase her from one room to the next while she played and explored. After the museum, we headed to the Rainforest Café for lunch where we saw the elephants and monkeys come to life (approximately every 10 minutes while we where there). Later that evening she got to open her presents and eat her cake. I made a flowerpot cake with cookie flowers - it did not turn out as I planned but we all ate it anyway. The next day it fell apart. At least the cookies were cute.

Last week beginning on Tuesday, Sophia got sick with a stomach virus. Every day I would start to think that she was feeling better, then she would get sick again. By Friday, I was confident that she would be ok to go back to daycare. Her fever was gone but she still refused to drink any fluids. My worry and relief bounced back and forth as she would sometimes take a sip of water and reject it a minute later. More than once we considered taking her to the hospital for dehydration but I was not sure it was necessary. I sometimes doubt my mommy intuition but I felt that she was going to be ok, without the use of a hospital and needles. She lost a little weight and looks thinner. Over the weekend she was definitely low energy but now she is getting back to normal. I did enjoy the chance to hold her, hug her, and comfort her while she was sick - like I used to do every day when she was a baby. Now she is too busy playing and running around the house to stop for a hug.

Two weeks ago, I bought plane tickets for Sophia and me to fly back to WV to visit my family. However by Friday, I was not sure what to do about her illness. Confident that she had kept food down for over 36 hours, we got on the plane Saturday morning. It was the first time that she had her own seat on the plane, and I brought her car seat so I could strap her in during the flight. About 1/3 of the way through the flight she was ready to OUT. She asked to potty several times (because it got her out of the seat) but would tell me it was “all gone” once we where locked in that tiny bathroom in the back of the plane. Thank you God for the extra patience that you give potty training moms. We got to see the inside of the airplane bathroom 5 times this weekend for the sole purpose of washing our hands!

Our quick trip to WV was full of family time. We only get to visit once or twice a year, so we try to see as many people as we can. Baseball games, church, birthday celebrations, and Mama’s breakfast were how we spent our two days. Sophia really enjoyed playing with Allie and she chased Papa’s and Cindy’s cats all over the yard. She would sit down on the driveway and demanded the cats to get in her lap. Very cute to watch. Yesterday she asked for Grammy, Allie, and Jenny. Then she got quiet for a moment before she asked for Mama and Papa. She will never get to spend the night with them like I did as a child but I am glad that she understands and remembers who they are at this young age.

My last excuse for not updating my blog is the Olympics. We stay up each night to watch swimming and gymnastics and still have to get up early to go to work the next day. The men’s and women’s team finals were exciting (men) and heartbreaking (women) and I am excited to watch the women’s all around finals tonight. Maybe I can catch up on my sleep in September.

Check back soon for some new pictures of Sophia! Even though she will probably not be smiling in them.


Daddy!!!! said...

Ok, honestly I am worn out from reading this, and I experience the Suiresphere on a daily basis!!!!!

Cliff said...

You forgot to mention that you are being a slacker in the gym too! This is my reminder that you need to help me stay motivated when Tom and Hugh are out of town...Get back in the game before I have to start wearing my fat boy pants again!