Friday, September 12, 2008

Baby Jackson Update - Friday Sept 12th

Friday, September 12th

Good and bad news since I last updated about Jackson's condition on Tuesday. Doug and Mel were able to bottle feed him Tuesday, which means the doctors did not have to put in a feeding tube. Melissa was also able to nurse him Wednesday and hold him again on Thursday. Jackson's seizures have also stopped which is wonderful news.

Yesterday they did another MRI and there is no change since Sunday when they found the infection. No infection has drained off the brain either, so they removed the tubes yesterday and will continue to give him IV antibiotics and hope the body absorbs the fluid on it's own. He also received a transfusion for his immune system yesterday and they expect to give him several more over the next few months. He should be out of ICU today (or they may have moved him out last night), but the doctors have told Doug and Mel he must stay in the hospital for at least six weeks. This may not seem like a lot of progress, but he is not getting worse and I have hope we will see some improvement over the next week.

Doug and Mel will be staying in the Ronald McDonald House next to Cook Children's Hospital in Fort Worth for the next 6 weeks so they can be close to Jackson but have a place to rest. Mel said it felt like checking into a four star hotel after sleeping in Jackson's hospital room and ICU for a week. They still are not accepting visitors so we have not been to see them or Jackson, but they have their immediate family with them every day.

Melissa has started a CaringBridge website to update us on Jackson's condition and she is planning to post some pictures very soon. I am excited to see (even a picture) of little Jackson's smiling face. He is such a sweet boy, who looks just like his mommy, and we continue to pray for his recovery. You can follow his progress at

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