Monday, September 8, 2008

Prayers for Baby Jackson

*****UPDATE on Tuesday, September 9th*****
Melissa sent us an email this morning and Jackson is still in ICU. They are still giving him antibiotics, anti-seizure meds, morphine and anti-anxiety medication. They are not sure if the infection will respond to the antibiotics or what long term effects it will have on his brain. His immune system is also not making enough antibodies to fight this infection, which is why it may have spread so quickly. At this point they will continue to run tests and we will just have to wait to see how his body responds to all the medicine. Melissa's faith appears to be strong and she has put her son in God's hands. However, she is still hurting and it is difficult for her to not be able to hold Jackson or comfort him. Please continue to pray for Jackson, Doug and Melissa.

I have a friend who desperately needs prayers and I am sending out this request to everyone I know. My friend Melissa called me last Wednesday in tears. She had taken her 9 1/2 month old son, Jackson, to the doctor because he had a high fever. After more than one blood test, the doctors confirmed his white blood count was high and told her to pack a bag and go straight to the children's hospital in Fort Worth. Lots of tests have been administered over the past few days, tests that you should never have to subject your child to at any age. Jackson has had a spinal tap, bone marrow aspiration, CT scan, MRI and brain surgery in the past three days. On the phone this morning, Melissa told me that her son has a severe infection that covers 75% of his brain. The doctors have put in tubes to drain fluid from the brain and are treating him with antibiotics. He is having seizures so they are giving him more medicine to make them stop and monitoring him constantly. Jackson is in ICU and is heavily sedated so she can't hold him or nurse him right now.

Please pray for baby Jackson and his parents Doug and Melissa. She is looking for some hope that he will start to get better and that the doctors will have some answers regarding treatment options. I cannot begin to imagine the pain in their hearts right now and I pray that God is with them during this heartbreaking time. The next few days they will keep him in ICU and see how is body recovers from surgery and fights this infection. I will update if I get any further information about Jackson's conditon.


Life of the Leatherberry's said...

I am a friend of Jenny's from her Circle of Friends board and I just wanted to let you know I am praying for sweet baby Jackson. I can't even imagine how scared his parents must be. Please keep us updated on his condition.

Riley said...

How is he now?