Monday, October 27, 2008

Fun in the Fall

A few weeks ago we took Sophia to the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch. We also took her last year so it appears we have started a fall family tradition. It is hard to believe that last year she had just learned to walk and this year she was running all over the farm. Getting her to stand still to take some pictures with the pumpkins was almost impossible. Sophia did like posing with the cartoon characters – Mickey Mouse and Alex from Madagascar were her favorites. Another favorite part of her day was the fun jump – until she got knocked over by a little boy. After that she was too scared to go back in, in case that mean boy was still in there! Each of us got to pick out a pumpkin, so there are three (still uncarved) pumpkins on the front steps of our house. Carving pumpkins was something I always did as a child, but Trey had never carved one until I asked him to help me a few years ago. He HATED it! I am thinking about getting Sophia to help me carve one this week.

We have some friends who have a Halloween Party every year. At the beginning of October, I start looking for costume ideas for Trey and me, but we still wait until the last minute to actually put an outfit together. This year was no exception – we stopped by the Halloween store on our way to Keller for the party to buy straw hats. It is hard to tell from the picture but we went as “a roll in the hay”.

It was fun but my favorite part was seeing Sophia in her costume for the first time. I bought her a pink princess outfit a few weeks ago and she has shown ZERO interest in putting it on so I was a little worried. I hope she still wants to wear the costume again on Friday for Halloween. Here is a picture of my princess!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

My "Girl Time" with Sophia

Trey started a new job a few weeks ago with new hours – he works until 7:00 PM Monday through Thursday and 5:00 on Fridays. This means he does not get home until about 7:30 most weeknights. I pick up Sophia from daycare around 5:00 PM, so we have a lot of time alone together in the evenings now. At first I was a little stressed out about keeping her busy playing and feeding her dinner all by myself, but now I find myself enjoying our “girl time” together. We go to the playground, for walks in the neighborhood, to grocery shopping or to the library. I also take her out to dinner about once a week – mainly because I am starving by the time I get home and don’t really have the time to cook dinner. Also, I like the idea of trying to teach her manners and how to behave in a restaurant, but I mainly it has taught me to have PATIENCE with a two year old.

Last night, I took her out for a double-header – a restaurant and the library. As soon as we walked in the door at the restaurant, she asked to go potty. That was fine because we could get that business out of the way up front - instead of her asking to go to the bathroom as soon as our food arrived. Once we were seated at our table, she reached for the bread basket as soon as it arrived but turned down everything I offered her from the kid’s menu. Since she usually wants to eat whatever I have on my plate, I decided to share with her. About 10 minutes into dinner, the kid’s menu and crayons were on the floor, she was spitting out half eaten orange slices after dipping them in my ranch dressing, and she was yelling “I GOTTA GO POOP” at the top of her lungs. After our second potty trip of the night, I finally got to finish eating my food and the waitress asked if she could bring Sophia a special treat,

Dirt pudding… with gummy worms.

I said yes, Sophia could have dessert (as soon as she took her foot off the table and put it back in her high chair under the table). After I finally convinced Sophia to take a bite of dirt pudding, she decided it was delicious and she needs to eat it as fast as possible using her fingers and a gummy worm as a spoon. Unfortunately I forgot to bring a bib or wet wipes so I attempted to clean her up with a cloth napkin dipped in my water glass. Fun times. I’m sure the waitress was happy to see the mess we left behind on the table, the highchair, and the floor.

Next stop of the night was the library. Every three weeks I take Sophia to the library to check out new books to read at home before bedtime, and our books were due for return. Before we go inside I remind her of the rules of the library: no running and to talk in a whisper. She listens carefully and nods her head that she knows the rules. She even whispers to me that we have to be quiet when we walk in the door. That lasts for all of 30 seconds, until she sees the play area in the children’s section of the library. Then I get to spend the next 20 minutes chasing her around while I try to pick out her books. Last night went well; she started playing with a little girl by the activity tables and then climbed up in a chair to play on the computer. It went so well that I attempted to take her upstairs (to the non-kid section) so that I could scan the new release shelf for myself. At the top of the stairs she took off running towards a statue of a golden retriever in the center of the room. She was shrieking with excitement, “Doggie, Mommy!” After I reminded her to whisper, I asked her if she wanted to pet the dog. Big mistake. She walked a little closer to the statue then quickly ran back to me, YELLING that she was scared the dog would bit her. I picked her up and quickly headed down the stairs as all eyes in the room were on us. We hurriedly checked out five books for Sophia and none for me while she cried that the dog bit her. As we were almost to the door and out of the building, she was distracted by a familiar sight. The ultimate tool of manipulation for a (recently) potty trained toddler. The bathroom.

She yelled, “Mommy, I Need To Go Pee-Pee POTTY!” I just kept walking, not stopping to turn around to see who was staring at us.

As soon as we got home I asked Sophia if she needed to go to the potty. She didn’t.

We ended the night by reading every single one of our new books at bedtime, putting her in her crib, and topping it off with fifteen minutes of screaming that she needed to potty. Guess what? She didn’t.

By the morning, all the frustration and exasperation from the night before is forgotten, erased by hours of sleep. I sneak in her room to kiss her before I head out to work, and she doesn’t wake up. I’m already looking forward to our “girl time” tonight.

Monday, October 20, 2008

My slacker excuse is a good one...

Hello. I almost feel like I should re-introduce myself because it has been FOREVER since I have updated this blog. My life has been whirlwind busy lately but I will stop using that as an excuse. I have another excuse now and I think it really validates my lack of spare time. The reason I have been such a slacker lately is because...

I am 8 weeks pregnant!

Most of our friends and family already know our news so I am comfortable sharing it on my blog. We have prayed and waited for baby number two so this is a HUGE blessing in our lives. Sophia is going to be a big sister (she will almost be three when the baby is born), but she is still pretty clueless about the pregnancy. She laughed when I told her that mommy has a baby in her belly, then lifted up her shirt and told me that she had a baby in her belly. We looked through my maternity pictures the other day and she thinks my big belly is hilarious. I'm sure the news will become more real once my belly starts growing bigger.

I have often heard that you start showing sooner with a second baby and I TOTALLY AGREE. I am already struggling to find clothes to wear to work. I hate to start wearing maternity clothes already (since that will be my only option for months to come), but since I already have some clothing options from a few years ago - I find myself accepting my expanding waistline and larger wardrobe. I would much rather be comfortable instead of stuffed into my normal clothes and uncomfortable by the end of the day.

One major change (Praise the Lord) from last time is the fact that I have not experienced the morning (ALL DAY) sickness like I did with Sophia. I am still tired and not 100% myself every day but I have been able to maintain my regular work schedule so far (keeping my fingers crossed that this continues for another 4-5 weeks). One thing that hasn't changed... I am hungry all the time, all day long. Yes, Trey and I got on the scale last night and I have already gained 4 pounds. Oh well, another 20-30 pounds to go.

Tomorrow we have a sonogram scheduled and I am excited to see how little baby Suire is growing. Only 8-10 weeks until we find out if we are having a boy or another little girl. I chose to let Sophia be a surprise, but at that time I also agreed with Trey that if we had a second child that we would find out during the pregnancy. I am taking bets on the gender - and yes I already know what I think I am having.

Well I will do a better job at posting updates over the next few weeks (and months). I am not going to post sonogram pictures because NO ONE really can tell what you are looking at this early. Right now the baby is the size of kidney bean. If that is the case, why do I look like I swallowed a cantaloupe?

Happy Monday!

*** Picture is of Sophia and Trey at National Night Out earlier this month in our neighborhood.