Monday, October 20, 2008

My slacker excuse is a good one...

Hello. I almost feel like I should re-introduce myself because it has been FOREVER since I have updated this blog. My life has been whirlwind busy lately but I will stop using that as an excuse. I have another excuse now and I think it really validates my lack of spare time. The reason I have been such a slacker lately is because...

I am 8 weeks pregnant!

Most of our friends and family already know our news so I am comfortable sharing it on my blog. We have prayed and waited for baby number two so this is a HUGE blessing in our lives. Sophia is going to be a big sister (she will almost be three when the baby is born), but she is still pretty clueless about the pregnancy. She laughed when I told her that mommy has a baby in her belly, then lifted up her shirt and told me that she had a baby in her belly. We looked through my maternity pictures the other day and she thinks my big belly is hilarious. I'm sure the news will become more real once my belly starts growing bigger.

I have often heard that you start showing sooner with a second baby and I TOTALLY AGREE. I am already struggling to find clothes to wear to work. I hate to start wearing maternity clothes already (since that will be my only option for months to come), but since I already have some clothing options from a few years ago - I find myself accepting my expanding waistline and larger wardrobe. I would much rather be comfortable instead of stuffed into my normal clothes and uncomfortable by the end of the day.

One major change (Praise the Lord) from last time is the fact that I have not experienced the morning (ALL DAY) sickness like I did with Sophia. I am still tired and not 100% myself every day but I have been able to maintain my regular work schedule so far (keeping my fingers crossed that this continues for another 4-5 weeks). One thing that hasn't changed... I am hungry all the time, all day long. Yes, Trey and I got on the scale last night and I have already gained 4 pounds. Oh well, another 20-30 pounds to go.

Tomorrow we have a sonogram scheduled and I am excited to see how little baby Suire is growing. Only 8-10 weeks until we find out if we are having a boy or another little girl. I chose to let Sophia be a surprise, but at that time I also agreed with Trey that if we had a second child that we would find out during the pregnancy. I am taking bets on the gender - and yes I already know what I think I am having.

Well I will do a better job at posting updates over the next few weeks (and months). I am not going to post sonogram pictures because NO ONE really can tell what you are looking at this early. Right now the baby is the size of kidney bean. If that is the case, why do I look like I swallowed a cantaloupe?

Happy Monday!

*** Picture is of Sophia and Trey at National Night Out earlier this month in our neighborhood.


Jenny said...

I thought you had just given up your blog, but I continued to check it daily.....hoping! You know I am thrilled for you and Trey! I am even more excited now that I know that you are finding out the sex this time! Much more fun to shop for a baby when you know the gender!

Love you!

Justin and Rachel Smith said...

Oh my goodness!!! I'm so happy for you guys! Praise God for your new blessing. I'm already rubber-banding my pants together; here's to clear rubber bands!
It's been really fun to be pregnant, and I'm so glad that you guys will have another bundle of joy (and it's a relief to hear that you guys are excited about having another one). Congrats again!
Rachel (and Justin, by proxy)

Anonymous said...

I think the name should be Sophia II, Treycy, or Steph Jr if it's a girl, and Tim, Rhett, Jason, Tad, or Mark if it's a boy. Just throwing that out there.

Christy said...

Hey Steph! I enjoy your blogs. Congrats on the baby! Mama told me. Sorry I didn't get to see you while you were in. That was our anniversary. Will you be in for Christmas this year? Talk to you later!