Sunday, November 9, 2008

Baby Jackson Update

I recently received a post on my blog asking for an update on Baby Jackson. About two months ago my friend Melissa called me about her infant son Jackson, as they were heading to the hospital for a high fever. Over the next week, he was diagnosed with a severe brain infection and an immune system that was too weak to fight the infection in his body. After his first brain surgery, we were overjoyed to hear that he regained his strength and started playing and eating within a few days. Melissa, Doug, and Jackson spent about 3-4 weeks in the hospital and were finally able to take Jackson home, even though they were still on IV medicines with the help of a home health nurse.

About two weeks ago, an MRI indicated that Jackson had fluid on the brain again... Back to the hospital for another surgery to drain the fluid, which was thankfully not another infection. He did have an infection in his central line (used for his IV medicines) so it was removed. This time they only had to spend a week in the hospital and Jackson came home on Halloween.

Jackson and his family are still facing a lot of unknowns right now. They have seen specialist about his immune system and still do not have a lot of answers. He needs to have an MRI every month to check his brain, but the original infection has diminished (by about 75%). Now they are struggling with a rash all over his body, swollen lymph nodes, and an elevated white blood count. He also has difficulty sleeping (which is very hard on his mom and dad) and is very picky about his food now because they have to hide all his medicine in his food (after they took out his central line).

This week is Jackson's first birthday, and Melissa has planned him a birthday party. I hope he is feeling good on Saturday so that we can go see him for the first time in MONTHS! Melissa still updates us a few times a week on the Caring Bridge website. Feel free to check out his page from time to time for updates. We continue to pray for Melissa, Doug and Jackson and hope they receive some answers soon.

Thanks, Stephanie

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