Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And the big news is...

I know it has been several weeks since I have last updated my blog - you must be anxiously waiting to hear some news. I know I promised to give you an update and I admit that I have been lazy with my writing lately. Well - I am happy to report that Trey’s back is doing much better! He did not have to have injections or surgery; he is recovering by frequent visits to the chiropractor and by exercise. Thanks to all of you who have expressed your concern.

Oh, so that is not the news you were waiting to hear?

What else was I supposed to update you about?
Oh yes - the sonogram. You are probably waiting to hear about the baby.

Trey and I have received a lot of grief about withholding this information from our family and friends. I had a sonogram appointment the morning of Friday, January 9th. Immediately afterwards, I had a scheduled doctor appointment and then I had to head back to work (Trey was going back to work right after the sonogram). For all of these reasons, Trey and I decided that we would NOT find out the gender of the baby while we were in the sonogram. We had the technician write down the news, include a picture of the baby, and seal it in an envelope. Our plan was to open it later that night, while we were together and alone. I did not want to find out the news and share it with friends, co-workers, and neighbors before we had a chance to tell our immediate family (Mom, Jenny, Mama, and Trey’s parents).

It was difficult to leave the office with that envelope in my hand, knowing what news it contained inside. However the longer it held the much anticipated information, the easier it got for me to wait. As most of you know, during my first pregnancy I was the only one who wanted to wait until my delivery to find out if we were having a boy or girl. I was excited to know this time, but I was still okay with waiting to find out (even for one more day). Either way, I was going to find out the gender a full four to five months before this little baby arrives. This time I could pick out colors, decorate the nursery, and buy some new pink OR blue clothes.

For various reasons, the timing was never right so we did not open the envelope on Friday night. We received lots of calls from family and friends – but we had no news to share because we STILL DID NOT KNOW. I don’t think Trey’s dad believed us when he called and Friday and asked us for the results of the sonogram. I was not feeling well that evening and I went to be fairly early, while Trey stayed up watching movies with our family who were in town visiting for the weekend. I faintly remember Trey coming to bed around midnight and he asking if I wanted to wake up and open the envelope. Uh, No. I only have a few more months left to sleep through the night so I did not need this baby waking me up at midnight already.

On Saturday morning, Sophia woke us up around 8:00 AM. She was singing in her bed and playing with her toys until she finally yelled “Mommy, I got to go potty!” That usually springs me into action, no matter how much I want to stay buried under the covers. I got her out of bed (she goes to the potty by herself –or as she says “I go by ME-SELF” and I headed back to my bedroom to make sure Trey was awake.

I turned on the lights in the bedroom and grabbed the envelope that I had laid on Trey’s nightstand before I had gone to bed. It felt like Christmas morning as I sat on the bed, anticipation and excitement filling the room. I think we were both a little nervous, even though we knew that no matter what the sonogram revealed – boy or girl – we were going to feel blessed and overjoyed. I slowly opened the envelope, pulled out the piece of paper and the blurry little black and white sonogram picture. The first thing I saw was the words the technician had written…

It’s a BOY!!!!!!!!!

I instantly started crying tears of joy. We are going to have a little baby boy! I have been a mommy to a baby girl for 2 ½ years, and now I get to experience being a mommy to a baby boy. I know that Trey has also wanted a little boy – and now he gets to experience having a son. We poured over the sonogram picture – and it took awhile to figure out what we were looking at (I think I saw a baby bootie, one leg, and an arrow pointing between the legs). It is different when we see the sonogram live on the screen, but we were trying to figure it out on this fuzzy photo. I think I do have another sonogram in about 8 weeks, so I will get a second chance to look at the live screen.

Sophia had been running back and forth from our bedroom to her bedroom, playing with her toys while we discovered our big news. Trey told her to climb up on our bed so we could tell her a surprise. She climbed up and stared at us with those bright, blue shining eyes. I leaned over and told her she was going to have a little brother! Her reaction was not as joyous as ours – she pushed her little bottom lip out, furrowed her eyebrows and shook her blonde little head NO. Oh well – at least she has a few more months to get used to the idea of a little brother.


Trisha said...

hey steph! i finally caught up on all of your blogs. you're not the only one who gets behind on things. but yeah it is great to hear all of the great things going on with ya'll. keep 'em coming!


Justin and Rachel Smith said...

Woo hoo! That's so exciting. I cried the first time I saw baby Noah's heart beat but I hooped and hollared when we found out it was a boy!