Monday, January 26, 2009

Soaking up Sophia

I don’t know if my mothering instinct is in overdrive from the pregnancy, but I have made more of an effort to spend extra time with Sophia lately. Her personality is growing every day, right along with her vocabulary, and I am enjoying our time together even more. I also find it bittersweet that in a few short months, she will not be my only baby anymore.

Last week we were playing in her room, and she was going through drawers of clothes that we had put away at the end of last summer. She found her bathing suit and decided that she wanted to go swimming, oblivious to the fact that 1) it is January, 2) it is 40 degrees outside, and 3) the community pool is closed. She happily started undressing and pulling on her bright pink swimsuit. It actually still fits her because she is no longer wearing diapers or pull-ups that bulked up her bottom last year. Instead of trying to talk her out of swimming I decided to put on my fun mommy face, fill up my bathtub, put her in. I laughed as she scooted around on her belly, waving her arms and kicking her legs. My jeans ended up soaking wet (along with the bathroom floor) but it was worth it to see the excitement and joy on her face.

Trey and I decided to take Sophia to the movies on Saturday afternoon (yes, I know she is only 2 ½ but it was the dollar theater and the movie was Madagascar 2). About six months ago, we got her the Madagascar DVD and it is has become one of her favorite movies. It is also one of the few movies that I can endure watching over and over again, unlike Dora or Strawberry Shortcake. Saturday morning, I started telling Sophia that we were going to the movies later that day. I used it as an incentive for her to take a nap by telling her that as soon as she woke up, we could go to the movie. I had to wake her up from her nap a little early, around 3:00, to get to the 3:30 movie. Unfortunately, waking Sophia up too early can make her cranky. After finally getting her dressed, hair brushed, shoes and socks on, and bundled in her coat we all headed to the theater (which is only about 5 minutes from our house). Trey dropped me off in front of the movies to buy the tickets while he parked the car. I was next in line to buy the tickets when they put up a SOLD OUT sign over the 3:30 feature. AARRRGGGHH! I quickly walked back to the car before Trey could get Sophia out of her car-seat to (complain that he had made us late and miss the movie) - I mean, to tell him the news. Since we had promised Sophia a movie, we bought tickets to the next feature. After wasting an hour shopping and grabbing something to eat, we went back to the theater 25 minutes early to get a seat. The theater provides booster seats for kids, so Sophia got to sit in her own chair. I planned ahead and even brought us all snacks. Of course, Sophia only wanted to eat Trey’s snack, then my snack and not her own. After a bathroom visit for the girls, we sat through multiple previews and FINALLY the movie started. About 15 minutes into Madagascar 2, Sophia wanted to get out of her seat. Trey made her sit on his lap for awhile, then he took her out of the theater for a few minutes. When they came back in, Sophia climbed on my lap for about 5 minutes then she wanted down again. It was apparent that she was not interested in the movie, so Trey and I decided it was time to leave. At least we only spent a total of $3.00 on tickets. Total time spent preparing for, driving to, and waiting on the movie to start - about 2 hours. Total time of movie watched - less than 30 minutes. (Total time spent with my daughter - priceless.) Sorry, it just sounded like one of those credit card commercials.

On Sunday we went to church and on the way out, Sophia kept asking to go to the playground. Since she was dressed for church (in her little sweater dress and off-white tights), Trey told her that she would need to go home and change her clothes before we could play. I guess he also used the playground as an incentive for her to take her nap that afternoon too. I went in her room late that afternoon to get her up from nap time. She opened her eyes as I walked up to her crib and the first words out of her mouth was “I go playground NOW”. I helped her get dressed and got her a snack while Trey strapped her in her little pink push car. We walked down the block to the school playground to let her run, swing, and play on the slides. After about ten minutes she asked for her snack so we sat down on the bench for a break. Just as I noticed her hopping back and forth from foot to foot – I realized we had made a rookie parent mistake. Yes, the next words out of her mouth were “Mommy, I need to go potty”. We had left the house after naptime WITHOUT making sure she went to the bathroom first and there is no place to potty at the school playground. I could tell that we would not make it home in time from the way she was dancing around. Trey and I decided to take her behind one of the school buildings and try to let her go outside – her first au natural potty break. Less than a minute later we were headed home to change her pants (the back of them were soaked). Let's just say that she needs a little more practice on her outside potty aim. At least she got to eat her snack while riding in her pink push car on the way home.

I did have a few very sweet moments with Sophia this weekend. She has started to put her hands on my belly and yell “Mommy, the baby is KICKING!” I think she sees me pulling up my shirt to feel my belly or making Trey put his hands on my belly when I tell him the baby is kicking. I admit, I am not the picture-perfect woman who loves every minute of the "beautiful, blissful"experience of pregnancy. No, I am quite the opposite. I am more anxious, nauseous, irritable, annoyed, impatient, uncomfortable, and at times – downright mean to those around me (sorry Trey) when I am pregnant. I'm just not good at it. During both of my pregnancies (with Sophia and with this one), I count down the days until the baby's due date. I see the baby as the reward, the goal, the only good thing that comes from the entire nine months. The SINGLE thing that I enjoy during pregnancy is feeling the baby move in my belly. It is a bond that only baby and I share and one that grows stronger (literally as the baby kicks and moves more often) as the months pass.
Last night, I was getting Sophia ready for bed. We sat together in the chair in her room and read about three books, then I asked her to say her prayers with me. As I started to pray for the baby, she pulled up my shirt and laid her little hand on my tummy. Her eyes got wide as she actually felt the baby kick for the first time. She waited until I was finished praying, then shouted “AMEN!”

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