Thursday, February 12, 2009

The CHAOS, before the CALM, before the CHAOS...

I am currently around the 5th or 6th month of my pregnancy (sorry but I really don't know how to get 9 months out of 40 weeks), so that means our family is right in the middle of cleaning out one of the guest rooms and making it the baby's room. We (meaning Trey and his dad) are moving furniture, getting rid of a guest bed, painting the baby's room (well the painter we hired is painting), cleaning out closets, getting Sophia new furniture, and moving her nursery furniture… Basically the three bedrooms upstairs and the hallway are in complete CHAOS.

All of these things need to be done, so I planned these bedroom moves to happen during my second trimester when I am supposed to be sailing high on the seas of energy. However, this pregnancy is not following the "normal" timetable and I feel like I am stumbling through each day feeling sluggish and sleepy. I walked into the baby's room, opened the door to the closet, and saw it piled high with boxes, baby toys and blankets. I just sighed at the mess, closed the door and walked away. I really don't know where to begin, so I have decided that my main role will be to delegate and give orders about what needs to be moved, painted, or put away.

Another strange occurrence in our house, Sophia has been having trouble sleeping through the night lately. This is the little girl who has slept 10+ hours in her own bed since she was 6-8 months old. In the last few weeks, Sophia has been waking up crying in her sleep. I will walk in her room to find her sitting up in bed with her eyes closed and tears streaming down her face. She never tells me that something is wrong and usually I can rock her to calm her down and put her back to bed. This does not help my fatigue, but I am not alone in my lack of sleep. Trey has also been up with her several times during the night - last week he stayed up with her for hours one night because she was wide awake and could not go back to sleep. They stayed up and watched TV while cuddling on the couch. Is Sophia picking up on the fact that things are changing around our house? Is she having bad dreams? Is she scared of the dark? I don't know yet but her new "big girl" bed will be delivered this weekend, and we will all have to re-adjust to her new sleeping arrangements.

I know that things will calm down in the next month or two, mainly because I will be slowing down during the last months of my pregnancy. I remember at the end of my pregnancy with Sophia, I could not even walk up the stairs without stopping halfway to take a break and catch my breath. My body has already rejected any form of exercise and I prefer to "lie down" after work instead of heading to yoga class to do "downward dog".

I am getting tired of riding these waves of chaos - the swells of activity (and preparation) never seem to end… I am looking forward to slowing down soon. I am ready for the calm to descend upon our house. Hopefully in the next few months the baby's room will be ready. I will have sorted through the clutter and pulled out her swing, some clothes, the car seat, and infant toys for her little brother.

I remember how peaceful Sophia's room felt before she was born. I would sit in the rocking chair in the corner and look around at everything we had arranged for her arrival. A stack of diapers on the changing tables, drawers filled with tiny clothes and socks, a soft blanket draped over the edge of the crib. I would breathe in the smell of anticipation and a wave of CALM would wash over me.

The CALM before the storm.

I hope that by the end of May I will be rested and ready for the CHAOS that a newborn will bring to our house.

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