Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our big day...

We have talked about it for months. We have debated about when and where it should take place. We have even practiced at home, so no one would be scared when it was time. It was supposed to happen before Christmas, but it got postponed until early February. Finally, this past Saturday, the big day arrived.

Sophia, my baby girl, got her very first haircut.

Just to let you know, Sophia had hardly any hair on her head by her first birthday (check out the picture below). I would buy headbands with bows attached and she was almost ALWAYS dress her in pink so everyone would know I had a baby girl. But she was still a beautiful bald little baby.

Around the time she was 1 ½, we noticed the adorable blonde little curls starting to sprout on her head. By the time she turned two, I was finally able to pull up some curls into a little ponytail on top of her head. This is only after chasing her down and bribing her to let me fix her hair.

We still struggle with taming those curls each morning, which is why I was a little worried about her first haircut. Sometime she will scream and pull away when I wet her hair before I brush it. As her hair has grown, the back now gets tangled in her sleep and she hates for me to comb through the mangled mess. More than once she has gone to daycare with that wild mane untamed.

Saturday morning, Trey brought Sophia to the “beauty shop” where I was getting my hair done. Our plan was to let her see me sitting in the chair so she would know what to do when it was her turn. After I was finished I waited to see if she was going to ask me to hold her on my lap, or if she was going to sit on the “booster” foam block all by herself. Sophia didn’t even glance my way as she climbed up into that big chair. She stared at herself in the mirror as we put the drape around her little shoulders. I think I was more nervous than Sophia, so I kept telling her how proud I was that she was being a big girl. I was also busy taking lots of pictures to preserve the memory.
As Ms. Alesha started to spray Sophia’s hair with the water bottle, I held my breath. I guess I was expecting a protest, but Sophia sat perfectly still in the chair. Ms. Alesha combed her hair straight and started to cut.

I helped keep Sophia’s head steady at first and watched the tiny little curls get trimmed away. Of course I kept a few curls as a keepsake, although Trey thought I was being a little too sentimental.

Sophia did move her head around a lot, which is a little challenging for any hairdresser but what 2 ½ year old can really sit still for more than 30 seconds. I was so excited that she was doing well and busy clicking away on the camera – that I did not have time to get emotional.

In less than 10 minutes we were finished and Ms. Alesha put Sophia’s little yellow bow back in her hair. I asked her to give me a big smile…

We had talked about her reward for being such a big girl during her haircut, so afterwards she got to pick out a sucker. What color? Pink, of course. My baby girl is growing up.


Ashley said...

ohhhh! that brought tears to my eyes!!! i think we are going to have to cut court's hair SOON because it is just getting too long in front. it makes me sad to even think about it. he is getting curls in the back and we are leaving them alone! rhett and i may have to go to counseling over that decision (hehehe), but i think i'm going to get my way!!! thanks for those pics - she is precious! and such a big girl!

Anonymous said...

I love this post-I'm so glad you documented it with pictures. Sophia is beautiful. Greta

Anonymous said...

Her big smile pic was too cute! Thanks for sharing. Kara