Monday, March 30, 2009

And We're Back! (From our Babymoon)

This past weekend, Trey and I drove down to Granbury, TX to stay at an Inn that sits right on the lake. It was our little getaway from all the busyness that has been going on in our house as we remodel our bathroom and prepare for Baby T's arrival. As soon as we arrived, I was very impressed with the rooms, the grounds, and the absence of flowered wallpaper and bedspreads that I expect to see in most Bed & Breakfasts.

The weather was much colder than we anticipated; it was in the 40’s with high winds on Saturday. Instead of sitting in the swing under the oak trees overlooking the lake or relaxing by the beautiful pool, we sat on our balcony huddled under a blanket and enjoyed the view. After grabbing a late lunch and shopping on the main square, we took a nap that afternoon in our room with the door to the balcony open so we could hear the soothing sounds of the waterfall in the pool.

A quick flashback to Friday night before we left on our mini-vacation… We went to dinner with Sophia and Trey’s parents at a local Italian restaurant that is one of our family’s favorites. In typical Sophia style, she wanted to sit on my lap instead of in a high chair, play with the bread basket, stick her finger in the butter, stick her hands in my water glass, pull the straw out of her milk, sit on her daddy’s lap, go to the potty, and fling all the silverware on the floor… all before we ordered our food.

Let’s just say that our dinner on Saturday night was the complete opposite from what we normally endure when eating out. Trey and I ate at a small, intimate restaurant with wonderful food, a great wine list, and NO kid’s menu! I actually got to participate in an adult conversation and leisurely eat my food, little things that you miss when you normally have a toddler at your table (although I did not get to enjoy the wine list).

Later that night we stopped by a coffee shop to pick up dessert to bring back to the Inn. My plan was to participate in Earth Hour that evening and I had even brought candles from home so that we could turn out the lights and eat dessert by candlelight. However, I forgot to bring matches and when Trey went to ask the owners, we found out that candles were not allowed in the rooms because they are considered a fire hazard. Environmental awareness and romance were overruled by the fire code.

Sunday morning was beautiful, sunny and a bit warmer. Trey and I got up and enjoyed our coffee, tea, and solitude on the balcony. We both wished we were staying another day, just to enjoy waking up to the sounds of nature (without the sounds of cartoons playing on the TV in the background). The owners served a WONDERFUL breakfast and as visited with some other couples at our table who had also come to getaway from their young children. Too soon we had to pack up and check out.

I am already looking forward to my next weekend away with my husband, which will probably be next year around our anniversary in May – by then I will be able to enjoy something off that wine list!

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