Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bathroom Renovation

Someone in our family (who will remain unnamed) had the bright idea that NOW would be a good time to remodel our master bathroom. It all started when Trey and I started discussing our options to repair the damage in the Master Bath from the water leak. Due to water damage, part of the tile and sub floor had to be removed in our bathroom. Initially we thought that we would have to rip up all of the tile, replace the entire sub floor and install new tile.

This led to a discussion about tearing out the white builder tiles in the shower and around the garden tub, and replacing it with tile to match the new floor. Which led to the idea to replace the shower enclosure and get rid of the brass framing that was installed by the builder in the mid 1990’s (which makes the bathroom look old and dated). This led to more discussion about replacing the funky, sliding mirrored closet doors and their dated brass frame with new French doors. Of course this meant the brass fixtures in the shower and tub would need to be replaced.
If we removed the tile around the tub and shower, the walls would probable suffer some damage and would need to be repaired. Due to the fact that we have wallpaper (another dated look), it was recommended that we apply a texture to the walls followed by a fresh coat of paint. Don’t forget we still have the builder-installed brass vanity lights and brass framed mirrors above the sinks. Those would have to go too so that every fixture in our entire master bathroom would have a cohesive, updated look (in modern brushed nickel). I forgot to mention the little details: such as the new towel racks, towel rings, new rugs and towels that we will obviously need to match the updated d├ęcor.

What sprouted from a simple bathroom repair has now blossomed into a full blown bathroom renovation. I currently have no workable shower, the tub is covered in demolition dust, and the toilet is still inoperable. After today, I am told that I will not be able to use my sink or mirror either. Sophia’s bathroom is getting a little crowded as the three of us have to share it for the next week or so while the “updates” are in progress.

The irony of this entire story? Remember I said this discussion started when we thought we would be tearing up the tile floor for the leak repairs? Apparently this was not necessary, as only a small portion of the floor required repairs. Yes, this entire renovation project could have been avoided! We could have saved ourselves the dust, the inconvenience, the money and the stress of the remodel. But then we would still be living in the 90’s with our builder brass fixtures and outdated wallpaper. I am looking forward to my first soak in that tub, once it is clean again.

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