Wednesday, March 11, 2009

When your husband is missing in the morning...

Yesterday morning around 5 AM I woke up and rolled over to see Trey’s side of the bed empty and untouched. Around 11:30 PM the night before, he came into our bedroom and woke me up to tell me he had to go in to work. He is the manager of LA Fitness and frequently gets calls about issues at the gym, regardless of the time of day. This time it was the guy closing up the gym for the night who was having trouble locking the front doors, so of course he called Trey. Trey had to grab a few tools and drive 15 minutes to the gym to take care of the problem.

Now, alone in the dark bedroom in the early hours of the day, I began to worry that Trey had never made it home. All the possibilities of what could have happened began to race through my mind, along with the thought that my cell phone was turned off. If Trey had tried to call me sometime during the night, he would not have been able to reach me. What if I had been peacefully asleep while he was in an accident? What if he was hurt?

I got up out of bed and walked down the hall which overlooks the living room below. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I checked to see if he had come home and fallen asleep on the couch. It was empty. I called out his name, but there was no answer.

It was then that I noticed the door to Sophia’s room, which is always shut at night to keep the cat out, was open just a few inches. I crept up the door and paused, listening for the sounds of sleep on the other side. Slowly, I pushed the door all the way open, and a smile quickly found its way to my face.

In the soft dim glow of Sophia’s nightlight, I saw Trey’s strong shoulders sticking out above her pink and purple flowered sheets. His shape took up so much of the bed that I had to tiptoe into the room to make sure Sophia was safely tucked up against him. Her bare legs splayed out across the sheet, as she stubbornly refuses to wear pajama pants or sleep under the covers. Her face was partially hidden from my view by the ears of her worn (and well loved) pink bunny. I listened for a moment as each of their breaths rose and fell – signifying their deep and peaceful sleep.

With my worries replaced by relief, I tiptoed back out of her room and let them sleep a little longer. A few hours later, after getting ready for work, I went back into Sophia’s room to wake them up. I put my hand on Trey’s shoulder and his eyes fluttered open and found mine peering down at him. I asked him what had happened the night before – when had he come home?

Trey whispered to me that he had made it home from work after midnight but couldn’t go to sleep right away. He was lying on the couch watching TV downstairs when he heard Sophia crying in her room, so he went up to check on her. She has fallen out of her new bed a few times over the past several weeks, so we have started checking on her more often before we go to bed at night. We will also crawl in bed with her during times that she is scared or upset, as “monsters” having been starting to appear in her imagination lately. Sophia is quickly comforted by our presence and we will usually lie down with her for a few minutes and sing her to sleep.

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Sweet story. Greta