Thursday, April 23, 2009

Playset, Pictures, and a Perfect Playdate

Just a few more weeks until Baby T’s due date! The chaos of the second trimester is behind me now and I was officially advised to NOT TRAVEL after the first week of April. Our family is spending more time around the house on the weekends, which is great now that Trey has finished putting together Sophia’s playset. It took about a week to finish the assembly (granted, some nights he could only put in about an hour after work) but we are all thrilled with how it turned out! Sophia’s favorite part is the swings. She will sit and ask me to push her non-stop until I enforce some "made up" time limit (seriously, she can swing for twenty minutes straight). Then she will climb up to the top of the “clubhouse” and fling her Barbie dolls down the slide or write on her chalkboard. We have not allowed her to try the monkey-bars yet – she does not know how far she could fall if she tried to hold on by herself. She has Trey’s sense of adventure topped with a lack of fear and I am afraid she will attempt to attack them on her own. Trey will climb up in the clubhouse with her but I am not as agile these days so I just sit on the patio and watch them play.

In addition to NO TRAVEL, I have stopped making commitments or plans for us each weekend besides Sophia's swim lessons. They were scheduled to start mid-April and be finished by the first weekend in May but the pool was closed for some repairs and her lessons have been delayed by two weeks. We officially start them this weekend and will continue for three more Saturdays. I will be too tired to spend 30 minutes with her in the pool soon, so Trey will have to take over the last few lessons.

This weekend is my maternity photo session (FYI - I will probably only share photos with my tummy fully covered on this site). We are having them taken at the Dallas Arboretum, the beautiful gardens where Trey and I got married almost 5 years ago. I will also be taking some family pictures with Trey and Sophia and I am excited to see how they turn out. We are using the same photographer, Brandi, ( who did our family pictures and Sophia’s 2nd birthday photo shoot back in August. Brandi does wonderful work and is very in tune with the challenges of working with babies and young children. We have also scheduled a time for her to come to our house the week after Baby T’s due date to take some newborn photos. It will be so sweet to have pictures of my two little babies together, even though I know Sophia is no longer a baby. I promise to post pictures as soon as she gets them to me!

Trey and I were talking last night and he mentioned that I am definitely calmer at this stage in my pregnancy than I was with Sophia. I think that was his nice way of saying that I am a little more pleasant to be around than before. I was MEAN the last few months with Sophia, seriously, he was looking forward to the end of my pregnancy just so he could have his normal wife back. In my defense, it was 100 degrees everyday for almost three months that summer and I was more swollen (fat) and uncomfortable than I am with this baby.

I also notice that I'm more sentimental during this second pregnancy. I am thinking this could be the last time I am ever pregnant (it is not official but I would feel nothing but blessed to have my one little girl and one little boy). Trey said that he does not know if he will want more yet, because his little boy is still not here. I forget that his bonding schedule is WAY behind mine – I have felt connected to Baby T ever since I saw that first dot blinking showing his little heartbeat on the sonogram at six weeks. For a father, the bonding does not really begin until they hold their baby in their arms for the first time. I understand, but I still wish that Trey could experience some the movement and sensations that I feel on a daily basis with the baby constantly moving inside of me.


On a lighter note, Sophia and I took advantage of the great weather this week and had one of our Perfect Playdates (with each other). First we had a picnic dinner, that mainly consisted of Sophia running around the picnic table trying to feed the birds food from her hand while I ate my tacos and watched. She kept yelling "Here Birdie, Birdie. Eat some food!"

After chasing the birds, we walked down to the water and fed the ducks some bread. I am still trying to teach Sophia to tear up the bread into small pieces so the ducks do not have to fight over an entire slice after she throws it to them. After the ducks we walked over to the playground to play on the swings - until I noticed that it was CLOSED for maintenance and repairs! Of course this news created tears that could only be soothed by... Ice Cream! I got her back in her carseat and we headed for ice cream before we went to the library.

After we shared a cherry-topped strawberry ice cream treat, we headed to story time at the library. Sophia not only loves hearing the books read aloud but they also sing songs, count animals, and color a craft that she can take home. As we climbed back in the car after a busy evening, she was suddenly upset again.

"Mommy, we forgot to get me new library books!"

This is music to my ears. I LOVE hearing my daughter ask for books. We will read 2, 3 sometimes 5 books at bedtime each night. I assured her that I would go back the next day to pick her out some new books, but we had to get home to see daddy and get ready for bedtime. As promised, I came home the next day with 5 new library books for Sophia. We have read ALL five of them the last two nights. I love spending time with my beautiful, bright, book-loving little girl.

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