Friday, April 3, 2009

A thump in the night

Last night in the bathroom, I had an epiphany. It’s not like I was in there a long time, I just dashed in to pee for the 34th time that day when I heard a loud thump from Sophia’s room. I actually heard the thump in two places, from her bedroom on the second floor above me and from the baby monitor that I had switched on in the living room.

I had finished up her bedtime routine about 20 minutes earlier; bathroom, books and bedtime lullabies. However, Sophia is rarely ready to fall asleep by the time I leave her room. She will sometimes sit up in bed and sing to her stuffed animals for up to an hour before her sleepiness starts to settle in. The crash alerted me that she was obviously still awake, but I was home alone with her and otherwise occupied so I could not dash upstairs to check on her. It was then that I realized that after the baby is born (in approximately 8 weeks); my life is not going to get any easier.

I am getting to the stage where I am looking forward to my pregnancy being over; just due to the sheer size of my belly and the physical discomfort that accompanies each step of every day. It is getting difficult to sleep, to keep up with the house, or to even stand or walk for more than 15 minutes at a time. Taking care of Sophia is also more difficult, as my belly gets in the way when I try to give her a bath (so bath time duties have not be delegated to daddy) and keeping up with her at the library or the playground is impossible.


I realized that getting Sophia to bed while taking care of a newborn baby is going to be a daunting task. Getting her to sleep in her room without waking the baby is obviously going to be problem too; based on the amount of banging and pounding I was heard last night. Everything that I do now to take care of Sophia will be accompanied by the duties of caring for a newborn. This will include nursing, burping, spitting up, dirty diapers, dirty clothes, and those dreaded sleepless nights.

Yes, I am starting to view the next eight weeks in a whole new light. These are my last weeks to (basically) sleep through the night, take naps during Sophia’s nap time, to go to dinner with my husband alone, to eat that ice cream cone without guilt, and to enjoy my favorite part of pregnancy – watching and feeling the baby move inside my tummy.

As for the thump I heard last night? After I opened the door to Sophia’s room, breathless from climbing the stairs to the second floor, I found her lying on her back in her bed KICKING her feet against the wall. Instead of raising my voice, I just slipped under the covers and snuggled up to my little girl. Too soon I will be to busy to lie in bed with her reading stories and singing lullabies for an hour every night. My time as JUST Sophia’s mommy is quickly slipping away…

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Justin and Rachel Smith said...

What a sad but true epiphany! We'll be praying for you guys, and you better post about how it's going so that the rest of us who only have one child can get a reality check about when to add the next one(s)!