Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday's Motherhood Moment - "Techno" Overload

I have a BlackBerry. I’m on Facebook. I have a blog. I have multiple email accounts (for work, personal and spam). In today’s world of technology, there are lots of ways to keep in touch with friends and family without actually talking to them face to face. Text, email, wall post, blog entry… all ways to let people know what is going on in my life without actually hearing my voice. This weekend, I found a new way to keep in touch with friends without any effort on my part.

Step 1 – Leave my BlackBerry sitting out on the coffee table.
Step 2 – Leave the room to change Tallen’s diaper
Step 3 – Hear my phone ringing and run back to the living room to answer
Step 4 – Check my caller ID and notice the name is from a friend that I have not talked to in over a year.
Step 5 – Answer the phone and start talking to long lost friend - who says I just called them and hung up
Step 6 – Catch up on what they have been doing the last few months, talk about the kids, and then tell them to find me on Facebook so they can see pictures of the kids
Step 6 – After the call, look for Sophia. Find her and ask if she was playing with my phone.

“Yes”, she said. “I had to email my Daddy”.

My three year old daughter wanted to email her Daddy, who had just left the house 15 minutes before to run an errand. Yes, technology has evolved over the years.

P.S. I have to admit, I have texted my own husband while we were both at home. In my defense, I was upstairs nursing the baby while he was downstairs visiting with his parents. I did not want to yell and startle the baby but I needed Trey to bring me some medicine for Tallen.

Has technology gotten out of hand in your life? Do you text more than you talk?

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