Friday, September 25, 2009

Fun Foto Friday - Extended Edition

Tallen was four months old yesterday! We celebrated by taking him to the doctor and letting the nurse poke him with lots of needles. He was not amused and he made sure that we all experienced his displeasure. On the bright side, he is a healthy growing boy who now weighs over 14 pounds and is taller than 80% of other babies his age. Who would have thought that Trey and I could produce a TALL child! It's not that we are both short (okay, I am slightly vertically challenged) but we definitely don't stand out as the tallest people in a room either. As long as Sophia does not grow up to be taller than me, I might be okay with Tallen towering over me one day.

Tallen had colic for the first few months of his life. Looking back, the pattern of our life went something like this... If we looked at Tallen, he cried.
If we picked him up, he screamed. If we attempted to put him down at any moment of the day while he was awake (to take care of basic needs such as eating, drinking, or going to the bathroom) he would scream and cry. And basically anytime between 5 PM and midnight you could feel the walls vibrating from his screams while we walked him around the house and constantly rocked him.
There were a few weeks there that I was not too fond of this child. But now that screaming baby has been replaced by the happiest kid on the block (and I'm pretty sure our neighbors are happy to be getting some sleep again too - now that the screaming is over).

Tallen has changed so much! Now this happy kids smiles at everyone, even at the nurse who brought lots of needles to his 4 month old party at the doctor's office! Trey got him to laugh out loud the other day while playing peek-a-boo. I got a laugh after kissing him on the neck. He watches Sophia's every move and grins from ear to ear. I love him so much that I wanted to call in sick to work the other day just so I could stay home and stare at him. (NO, I didn't actually do it but I really wanted to).

His new tricks include sucking his thumb, which he prefers over a pacifier. Tallen also learned to roll over from his back to his tummy, which is great until he realizes he is stuck and he gets mad. Or when he rolls over while he is trying to sleep and gets stuck in the corner of the bed and I have to go rescue him. It was cute the first few times but I am not in the mood to play "Mommy to the Rescue" at 11:49 PM, and 1:23 AM, and 3:42 AM. Nope, I would much rather stay home from work and play the part of his hero during the waking hours of my day.

Sorry for the lack of posts and pictures lately, especially the Fun Foto Friday posts. SOMEONE in our family dropped the camera on the tile floor and now the pictures look like you took them underwater. This SOMEONE should not have even been using the camera to take pictures. This SOMEONE must have looked up at her daddy with her baby blues and sweet talked him into using the camera, EVEN though he should have learned his lesson from past IPhone incidents. Until we get a new camera, I only have my blackberry to take quick snapshots and Tallen gets this confused look when I throw my phone up in his face. Does not make for great memories. Hope to put up some new pictures - as soon as we get a new camera.

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