Monday, November 9, 2009

If at first you don't succeed... take another picture!

I know these are over a week late... but we did get a picture of the kids on Halloween before we hit up the neighbors for some candy. If I just put up the picture below, you would never know how much effort it took to get a good picture of all three of us. But I think it is more fun to see how much effort it takes to get ONE good picture...

We are all smiles and ready to say Happy Halloween and Treat or Treat!

Umm, I don't think we were ready yet... Is anyone looking at the camera?

Well at least Sophia is smiling in this one. She is so excited to have pink pom poms!

I was little worried that Tallen couldn't breathe with the lion costume over his face so adjustments were needed...

He is clearly not as excited as I was about his costume - he looked so sweet.

Those cute little lion feet would not stay on and we had a little trouble getting Tallen to sit up...

Finally - my sweet little lion on his first Halloween. Check out those chubby cheeks. Thanks for being such a patient photographer Dad!

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