Sunday, January 31, 2010

The milestone I was not ready for...

The first time it happened, I blamed my husband.

I was helping Sophia eat her dinner (because after a long day at preschool, her arms were too tired to lift a spoon to her mouth) and Trey was playing with Tallen in the living room. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Trey put Tallen down on the rug so he could go to the kitchen. Less than a minute later, I looked down to check on Tallen and I was surprised to see two of Sophia’s mini markers clutched in his little hand. Those markers were halfway to his mouth when I snatched them away. I moved him back to the other end of the rug, where we normally surrounded him with baby friendly toys. Things like rubber blocks, teething rings, and a mini basketball hoop.

The first words out of my mouth were, “Trey, why did you put Tallen down so close to Sophia’s toys?” I wish I could say that I asked this in a loving way, but like Sophia, I was also tired after a long day at work. I may have, in fact, raised my voice slightly.

Trey walked back into the living room, looked down at Tallen and told me that he didn’t put him there. He actually claimed that he had put him down in the baby friendly toy area! As we were discussing the actual placement of the baby, Trey looked down and said “Oh crap. I guess he learned how to crawl.”

I looked down at Tallen, who had managed to make his way back to the mini markers on the floor. “When did he learn how to do that?” I asked, as I snatched the markers away again.

“I guess he learned it today,” Trey replied. We both watched Tallen for a few minutes as he showed off his newly acquired crawling skills.

What struck me at this moment was how excited we were the first time we saw Sophia crawl. I remember sitting with her on the floor, showing her how to move her little arms and legs. It was such an exciting milestone when she finally started to pull her self across the floor – she had a unique style that included digging her arms into the floor while dragging her legs straight out behind her, kind of like an army crawl. She started this when she was about 9 ½ months old and did not make it up to her knees until right before her first birthday.

However, here we were staring down at Tallen who is only 8 months old. Without any coaxing from mom or dad, he decided to take off on his own. It is funny how with the second baby, the first thing in my mind is how much harder my life is going to be now that we have reached the crawling stage.

“I guess we need to put up the baby gates again,” Trey said as he walked back into the kitchen…


It has actually been a week since Tallen learned how to crawl. Although we may not have celebrated his accomplishment that first day, I am learning to enjoy his new skills. On Saturday morning, I sat with him on the floor of his room while he played with his (baby friendly) toys. He looked up and saw me watching him, so he smiled and started crawling towards me. Once he reached my lap, he leaned back on his knees and reached out to me with outstretched arms. "Mama", he said. "Mamamamama-ma!" I picked him up and covered his face with kisses. Saying "Mama" is a milestone that I have been ready for a long time. And I guess this crawling thing is growing on me too…

***The sling is my favorite mode of transportation when Tallen is not crawling. Tallen seems to enjoy it too.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Resolutions? Not for me...

I'm glad that I did not make "update my blog on a regular basis" one of my New Year's resolutions because I would have broken it several times over by now... I am so far behind in posting but it is not for lack ideas and material. It has more to do with crazy travel over the holidays, sickness being passed around our family, and extra hours at work trying to meet multiple deadlines.

Here are a few things that I have wanted to post about in the past month:
(1) the crazy snowstorm in Dallas on Christmas Eve that almost kept us from attending our first candlelight service at Irving Bible Church. I cried during the service because I was missing my family and realizing that this is the tradition that our kids will grow up with (yeah, I am kind of sappy that way).

(2) our LONG,LONG,LONG drive to WV the day after Christmas and the crazy college bowl crowds at the Nashville Gaylord Opryland hotel. Sophia and I had breakfast on our balcony that quiet Sunday morning and I realized how much she has grown up this past year (more tears of joyful sadness).

(3) I got to hit the ski slopes for the first time in 7 years, and the first time ever with my husband! It was 17 degrees and I had to stop to pump that afternoon but it so fun that we are thinking about taking another trip this year without the kids. Wow, a real grown-up vacation with just my husband! Probably will never happen, but we like to dream...

(4) The scary, yucky night that I had to take Tallen to the hospital because his fever was over 104 and would not come down! Followed by more doctors visits and general sick, fussy baby for several days which is exhausting for everyone (even more so for Trey who was diagnosed with pneumonia the same day that Tallen got so sick).

(5) Funny, silly sayings that Sophia says that I want to capture so that we can look back and say "remember when Sophia said...". Things like, "Mommy, why don't airplanes roll on the ground like cars?" or "Mommy, you have goofballs in your ears!". This weekend we were watching the NFL playoffs and she shouted "Go orange cowboys!" while cheering for the Bengals. As I clamped my hand over my mouth to keep from laughing out loud, she turned to me and said very seriously "Mommy, I am cheering for the BASKETBALL GAME!" At least she has that little cheerleader inside of her, even if she doesn't know who or what she is cheering for!

**Our family picture in matching white shirts so when the kids are teenagers, we can show them how cool their parents were way back when.