Friday, April 16, 2010

Fun Fotos (from Good) Friday

We took a road trip to Louisiana for Good Friday for a Crawfish Boil and to visit the extended Suire family.
"I've been in the car for 8 hours today and NOW you want me to go to bed? Not gonna happen, Mom"

Boiled Crawfish!!!

"What are those things that daddy is eating? Boiled Crawfish?
Please don't make me eat that for lunch!"

"My ears hurt and I am grumpy, quit taking my picture."

"Even though I am grumpy, I still like taking pictures with Gran."

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Sophia and her Padan at the camp in Louisiana on Good Friday,
Blowing Bubbles...

Friday, April 9, 2010

How I spent my "One Day Without Shoes"

Well, going a day without wearing shoes was harder than I thought. Most of the day I was within the confines of my own office and although my feet did get cold, I was pretty comfortable going barefoot. However, I did feel it would be more sanitary to put my shoes back on before going to the bathroom. But slipping back into my shoes reminded me that I had the option to avoid the dirty bathroom floor, unlike the many children in developing countries are going barefoot and are constantly aware of the ground in front of them.

I had my annual physical scheduled that afternoon so I had to leave work early. In the car I decided to drive without my shoes on but I hesitated when it was time to walk into the doctor's office. Should I slip my shoes back on or boldly walk in barefoot? Apparently, I am not so bold...

Later in the day, after I had picked up the kids (and taken Tallen BACK TO THE DOCTOR AGAIN to check for an ear infection), we were home getting ready for dinner when Sophia suggested that we have a picnic outside. She asked if we could put a "rug" down, which I assumed meant a blanket for our picnic. I quickly agreed because it was a perfect day to head outdoors without our shoes and enjoy the late afternoon weather in Dallas. I grabbed a blanket and walked out to the backyard and onto the grass. Sophia walked to the edge of the patio and stopped.

"Come on, sweetie," I said to Sophia. "Can you help me spread out the blanket for our picnic?"

"Mommy, I can't walk on the grass without my shoes."

"Yes you can. " I turned to look at her, standing hesitantly at point of the yard where the concrete patio ends and the grass begins. "The ground is not wet and the grass is soft," I said.

"I don't like how it feels on my feet," she tells me again.

I was shocked to hear that my little girl does not like to walk on the grass barefoot. I turned to look at Trey, but he was busy holding a somewhat grumply baby boy on his lap while gliding in the rocker under the pergola. Any other time I might haved tried to convince Sophia to run through the grass barefoot, but right now I knew she was hungry which meant she might be near the tipping point of a tantrum and I REALLY didn't want to push her over the edge. So I shrugged my shoulders and spread the blanket out onto the grass at the edge of the patio so Sophia could step right off the concrete onto the blanket. She happily leaped onto the blanket and sat down in anticipation of our picnic. Sophia invited her dad and brother to join us for a family picnic and Trey (with his soft spot for his baby girl) sat down on the blanket to join us, even though he had already eaten dinner.

I spread out the food (Sophia said we needed LOTS of food for our picnic) and we ate our dinner barefoot on the blanket in the backyard. Just to let you know our picnic assortment included: a chicken sandwhich, carrot sticks, red bell pepper hummus, pita chips, dried cranberries, almonds, strawberries and animal crackers. Not too long after we started eating, Sophia said her feet were cold so I went inside to get her some socks. Once again I was reminded of my children's abundance of their basic needs while children in developing nations live in poverty and struggle for food, shelter, clothing, socks, and shoes.

While Trey was giving the kids their baths, I headed to the grocery store. Knowing that I might be denied service if I entered the store without wearing shoes, I put them on one last time. As soon as I got home I took them off again and headed into the kitchen to cook some lunch for Trey and I to eat the next day. Once again, I noticed how cold and hard the tile floor is in the kitchen. My feet were already tired from going barefoot most of the day but I finished cleaning up and finally sat down around 9PM last night.

I cautiously looked at the bottom of my feet. They were dirty, but not too bad. My feet and my legs were aching and I was wishing for a foot massage. What if I had to go through this every day?

I have to agree that IT'S HARD WITHOUT SHOES. So today, I am going online and buying my first pair of TOMS shoes. My purchase will allow for one pair of shoes to be donated to a child in need. And I get a really cool, comfortable pair of shoes to wear. Now I just have to pick a color...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

One Day Without Shoes

I am going barefoot in my office today. I wore my black heels to work but they are now tucked away under my desk. Although I will slip them back on to walk to the bathroom or the company break room, most of my day will be spent barefoot.

Why? I am participating in the "One Day Without Shoes" awareness campaign. TOMS shoes started this campaign to spread awareness about how something as simple as a pair of shoes can impact a child's life. It is hard for me to imagine living a life without basic needs like food, shelter, and even shoes. So today I am taking off my shoes and choosing to experience what it would be like to worry about each step that I take without shoes. You might want to point out that it is pretty easy to walk around barefoot in my office, I have already found that the carpet is soft and I am not worried about my feet getting cold. So when I get home later this evening, I am going to take a walk around the neighborhood without shoes.

I think I am already inspired to buy a pair of TOMS shoes, because I know that my purchase will provide a pair of shoes for a child in need (as part of the One for One movement).

So if you are inspired, get barefoot with me today. You might get some strange looks but it is for a good cause.