Thursday, April 8, 2010

One Day Without Shoes

I am going barefoot in my office today. I wore my black heels to work but they are now tucked away under my desk. Although I will slip them back on to walk to the bathroom or the company break room, most of my day will be spent barefoot.

Why? I am participating in the "One Day Without Shoes" awareness campaign. TOMS shoes started this campaign to spread awareness about how something as simple as a pair of shoes can impact a child's life. It is hard for me to imagine living a life without basic needs like food, shelter, and even shoes. So today I am taking off my shoes and choosing to experience what it would be like to worry about each step that I take without shoes. You might want to point out that it is pretty easy to walk around barefoot in my office, I have already found that the carpet is soft and I am not worried about my feet getting cold. So when I get home later this evening, I am going to take a walk around the neighborhood without shoes.

I think I am already inspired to buy a pair of TOMS shoes, because I know that my purchase will provide a pair of shoes for a child in need (as part of the One for One movement).

So if you are inspired, get barefoot with me today. You might get some strange looks but it is for a good cause.

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