Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Who did you say your mommy was?

Long story short, around lunchtime yesterday Sophia fell and hit her head on the edge of the coffee table. There was lots of blood (or so I hear because I was not actually home to witness the injury, thank the Lord) and Trey quickly rushed her to the doctor. About an hour later, Sophia left the doctor’s office with one staple in her head to close the wound. I didn’t make it there in time to witness the stapling of my daughter’s head, so I met up with Trey and Sophia for ice cream afterwards. I sat there in amazement as Trey told me that she laid on the table, held his hand and DID NOT EVEN FLINCH when the put in the staple.

Later that afternoon, I took Sophia shopping for a “prize”. In my opinion, if you can sit there while some man puts a staple in your head and not shed one tear, you definitely deserve a prize. On our way to the store, Sophia and I had the following conversation.

Sophia: Mommy, when you were a little girl, did you have staples in your head?

Mommy: No Sophia, I never had staples.

Sophia: Well Daddy and I had staples.

Mommy: Did it hurt when the doctor gave you a staple?

Sophia: No, but it hurt my baby doll. (She holds up a little doll in her hands). She has staples in her arms. She hurt because she is little. I didn’t hurt because I’m a big girl.

Mommy: You are a big girl Sophia. I’m glad it didn’t hurt.

A minute goes by while Sophia is quiet.

Sophia: Mommy, when I was a baby, I was a shark.

Mommy: A shark! Wow, that is interesting.

Sophia: Yeah, Mommy. When I was a baby, I was a shark and I bit my mommy’s finger!

Mommy: You were a shark and you bit my finger?

Sophia: No, you were not my mommy. My mommy was… Minnie!

Mommy: Minnie? As in Minnie Mouse?

Sophia: Yes, Minnie Mouse was my mommy.

Mommy: I want to be your mommy. Why was Minnie Mouse your mommy?

Sophia: Because she was the first name I could think of.

Another minute goes by while Sophia continues to think.

Sophia: Mommy, when I was a baby and I was a shark, you were a little girl so you could not be my mommy.

Mommy: Yes I could Sophia. You were a baby just a few years ago and I was your mommy.

Sophia: No, you were a little girl when I was a baby. And you lived in heaven and you had a staple in your head because you were not borned yet.

Mommy: (no words for a few seconds, because I am speechless. How can I argue with that?)

Mommy: Well Sophia, I am glad that I am your mommy now.

Sophia: Me too.

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Trisha said...

Hahaha oh wow! Kids say the darndest things. Must be fun having those conversations ;) Miss y'all!