Thursday, July 1, 2010

Journal to Tallen

I keep a journal for myself, just a way to keep track of little events in my life. I also have a journal that I write to Sophia and one that I write to Tallen, which I plan to give to them when they are older. I don’t have an age in mind of when I will give it to them, but I want them to know what they were like as children, their little milestones, the struggles and joys that I faced as their mommy. Below is a page from Tallen’s journal entry this morning.

July 1, 2010


Yesterday was a big day for you. You had tubes put in your ears in the morning. It was the first time you have ever had surgery, so I was a little scared. Daddy and I were both there with you – we let Sophia spend the night with Opa and Gran. The surgery was quick and the doctor said you had a lot of fluid in your ears. Now that it has drained, you will probably be able to hear better - sounds will not be as muffled.

In the recovery room, you screamed and cried for about twenty minutes when you started waking up from the anesthesia. You were furious at the little heart monitor that they put on your foot and you pulled it off twice. Finally, they gave us the OK to go home. You were still crying as I strapped you in the car seat. You threw the stuffed monkey that the nurse had give you at me and you pushed the cup of apple juice that I offered you away. But by the time we got home, you had calmed down and actually started to fall asleep. I think that the graham cracker I gave you helped. You held it up to your mouth all the way home even though you didn’t really eat it.

Gran came over at lunch to stay with you the rest of the day. Sophia was disappointed when she looked in your ears and could not see the tubes that the doctor put in. I headed back to work.

When I got home that evening, you were sitting on the kitchen floor looking up at your daddy. He turned around and told me that you had been walking all over the place. I carried you out to the backyard where Sophia was playing with her dollhouse people and put you in the grass. I was shocked when you didn’t cry (you normally hate when nature touches you) and you took about 15 steps towards me! You can walk now buddy. What a big boy! We love you Talley!

Love, Mommy

**Picture of Tallen before he went back for his surgery, much happier than he was in the recovery room.

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trisha said...

yayyyyy! tallen can walk now!! that's great!