Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Supermom only flies at night and wears high heels

This morning was a break from my normal routine, which basically includes getting out of the house before anyone else is out of bed and driving to work in the dark. Nope, this morning when my alarm went off at 5:30 AM, I looked over at the blonde curls splayed across my pillow. Sophia had managed to sneak into our bed again in the middle of the night, but this time I had not sent her back to her room. I remembered hearing her coughing, so I assumed that she was catching the cold that her brother had over the weekend. Tallen ran a fever on Sunday, so I knew we had a 50/50 chance that I would be staying home with a sick little girl today.

I reset my alarm for 7:30 but was awake by 7:15 AM. I felt Sophia’s head and was surprised that she felt cool. No fever, maybe I could go to work today. Trey opened his eyes and I told him that I was waiting until Sophia woke up to see if she felt okay to go to preschool. His voice croaked as he told me he wasn’t feeling well either. Crap. Tallen and I had our share of sickness over the weekend and now we had passed it around the entire family. I got out of bed hurried to get ready before Tallen woke up.

While I was standing in my closet trying to decide what to wear, I heard Trey calling my name. I had forgotten to bring the baby monitor in the bathroom with me so I did not hear that Tallen was awake and crying in his crib. After a dry diaper, a change of clothes and cup of milk, I put Tallen back in his crib while I went downstairs to make Sophia’s lunch for daycare.

Last week, Sophia’s teacher told Trey that she was still hungry every day after lunch and we needed to pack her some more food. So I added some cheese and crackers in with her turkey sandwich and fruit. I even packed my lunch for work before heading upstairs to wake up Sophia. I still wasn’t sure she would feel well enough for preschool, so I crossed my fingers as I felt her head again. She felt a little warm again but she had been snuggled up against Trey sleeping. I shook her shoulders and her blue eyes snapped open. Sometimes Sophia starts talking the minute she wakes up, and today was one of those days.

“Why are you still here mommy?” she asked as she popped up in bed and crawled towards me.

“Daddy doesn’t feel well, so I am taking you to school today” I said.

“No school” she said, frowning.

“But you get to see Mrs. Stacy today” I reminded her. She loves her preschool teacher and does not normally ask to stay home from school. Was she feeling bad or did she think that I was staying home from work without her?

“I am dropping you and Tallen off this morning then I am heading to work while Daddy stays home to rest” I told her.

Sophia sighed, “Oh-kayyyy”.

Sophia followed me to the bathroom while I got some medicine for Trey. As soon as he drank the syrupy orange liquid, he sat up and headed for the bathroom saying that he was going to be sick – so I hurried Sophia out of the room and told her it was time for breakfast. We got Tallen out of his crib and went downstairs. I re-heated some Mickey Mouse pancakes for Sophia. “No syrup,” she said, “I want them plain like you give them to Tallen. Plain milk to drink too.”

Wonderful, I thought. After all the Halloween candy she received on Sunday, I am totally okay with giving her less sugar for breakfast. I added some blueberries to her plate, let the dog out and went back upstairs to get dressed. Tallen was walking around yelling “Coco” and opening all the cabinets in the kitchen with broken child-proof latches. When I came back downstairs, I found him on the kitchen floor surrounded by his old bottles that had been stashed on the shelf behind the sippy cups.

Sophia refused to get dressed until she had eaten every bite of breakfast, so I spent five minutes watching her exaggerate her chewing as she ate one blueberry at a time. The dog was barking at the door ready to come in and Tallen was holding his cup upside down watching the milk dribble out on the floor.

At that moment, the first thing that popped in to my mind is - This is why I am not a stay at home mommy. I do not have enough patience to deal with this stuff before I have even had a chance to eat breakfast. I cannot be Supermom in the mornings!

This is not entirely the truth, but I do have a hard time with the whole morning routine of getting kids up and ready for preschool and daycare – because I never do it. I am much better at getting kids fed, bathed and put to be in the evenings. My Supermom cape only flies after 5 PM.

I stayed patient and finally got Sophia changed out of her pajamas and into clothes for preschool. Final check before we went out the door: Jackets and shoes on, lunch box packed, and something to drink for each child. Purse, keys, workout bag and lunch box for me. The bottles that Tallen had scattered all over the kitchen floor would have to wait until later.

I was carrying Tallen in one arm and holding Sophia’s hand with the other as we were walking into preschool. She looked down and said “Mommy, why do you have those shoes on?” I glanced down at my shoes. They were black loafers that I bought last winter for a business trip to Europe. I bought them because I knew I would be walking in the snow and needed some comfortable shoes instead of my usual high heels.

“I wore them because they are comfortable and I had to take you and Tallen to school today. Do you like them?” I asked.

“No,” Sophia replied. “They look like Gran’s shoes. Why don’t we give them away to someone else? Is that okay Mommy? Can we give those shoes away?”

Although I was a little hurt by her criticism, I was proud that Sophia had been listening to me the night before. We were talking about people who are less fortunate than us and how we can help them. I pointed out that some kids may not have as many books or baby dolls as she does, so we picked out a few toys to give to charity.

I looked down at my comfortable shoes and decided that they could go to charity too. My legs look better in high heels anyway.

Supermom will just have to fly in her high heels from now on.

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