Friday, February 4, 2011

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow... somewhere else!

On top of the ice storm of the decade (well, the worst ice storm I have seen in the 8 years that I have lived in Dallas), we received almost 6 inches of snow last night.  So, for the fourth day in a row the schools are closed and most people are home again with their kids.  I say most people because I am one of the crazy dedicated people who braved the snow covered, slippery roads to get to work this morning.  By the time I got here, my body was sore from gripping the steering wheel in fear and peering anxiously at the road while continuously checking my mirrors to see if a DART bus was going to run me off they road (which almost happened yesterday on my way to work).  It took more than an hour to travel the 22 miles from my house to my office and I considered turning around and going back home more than once. 

Even though schools are closed our wonderful at home daycare provider, Ms. L, is open today.  Ms. L watches Tallen all week and has both of the kiddos on Mondays and Fridays.  Sophia normally has preschool Tuesday through Thursday but it has been closed all week due to the weather.  After being stuck at home three days in a row with the kids, Trey is looking forward to letting Tallen and Sophia burn off some energy at Ms. L's house today while he continues to play "snow chauffeur" today.  Today's schedule looks something like this: bundle up the kids so they stay warm in the car, drop them off at daycare, pick up his mom at her house, take her to work, run work related errands like the bank/post office, go to the gym, buy snow gloves and pants for Sophia so she can build a snowman when she gets home, pick up his mom from work, take her back to her house, then finally pick up the kids from daycare and bring them home.  Considering that the maximum driving speed on these snow covered roads is about 25 mph, this makes for a very long day.  

View from my office
While Trey is busy playing "snow chauffeur", I am sitting here in my office watch the snow continue to fall outside of my window and placing mental bets on how long it will take me to drive home.  No way that I can make it home in less than an hour.  90 minutes? Maybe I should leave a little early to beat some of the traffic.   

The worst news of the day is because of the snow, ice and cold weather - my first training session with Team in Training is cancelled tomorrow.  I can't let that stop me though, because I just signed up to run the Cowtown 10K and the race is only three weeks away!  So after I make it home safely tonight, I might change and head back out to the gym.  The good news is that my gym is literally two blocks from my house so it should only take me about 20 minutes to drive there... I hope. 

Maybe I could hitch a ride on a snowplow.  Oh that's right, Dallas doesn't have snowplows - because it is not supposed to snow like this in Dallas!!  I blame the Steelers fans and Green Bay fans for bringing the snow with them to Dallas!  Stay warm and enjoy your Superbowl weekend. 

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