Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rest days are supposed to be for rest...

When I woke up Wednesday morning, my entire body protested when I got out of bed.  My legs, glutes, calves and shoulders were all in pain as I stumbled into the bathroom and turned on the water for a hot shower.  Mentally I started counting backwards through my workouts... and realized that I had not had a rest day in SEVEN DAYS.  Eagerness and excitement about my race, combined with the great weather, had let to four days of running in a row (combined with three weight-training days).

As usual, I went to the gym on my lunch hour on Monday.  However when I got out of the car and saw the sun shining and felt the warm breeze, I knew that I did not want to be stuck inside on the treadmill.  After changing into my running gear, I headed back outside and started running toward some unfamiliar residential neighborhoods near the gym. I cranked up my iPod and set out on what I thought would be a nice easy run.  I didn't count on the fact that every street I turned down would have a HILL.  So my expectation of an easy run turned into four miles of hill work. Although I dread hill work, it feels so good when it is over.  Well, until the next day when the soreness sets in.  

Tuesday night I was scheduled to meet my team for a two mile training run, so at lunch that day I decided to do some weight training. I am learning that cross training is crucial during training, so I include weight training and yoga on my cross training days.  My lunch time workout consisted of super sets of chest and triceps, followed by super sets of legs and abs.  Yes, I worked out legs in the middle of fours days of running.  I am paying for that now, thank you very much. 

At my group training Tuesday night, we met at a local high school track and focused on warming up, speed work, stretching and cooling down.  I realized that I don't always take enough time to warm up for a run so I will be working on that from now on.  Stretching is a good habit that I have kept since my high school cheerleading days, while the cool down laps were a great time to get to know the other team members.  Running with a group really helps the time (and the miles) go much faster and is so much more fun than running alone. 

Wednesday's rest day was crammed full of taking care of the kids, working all day, running errands at lunch, picking up kids, and cleaning the house before my mom arrives on Friday.  Oh, and did I mention my new dishwasher is still broken?  Yeah, I standing at the sink in my pink fuzzy slippers washing dishes until 10 PM last night.  So much for "resting" on my rest day. 

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Rick said...

Rest days are so important, either it be running or a break from life's demands!