Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Date Night is normally a Failure...

Trey and I have the most dependable, reliable babysitters that LOVE our children so much, that they beg us to go out on weekly dates just so they can watch Tallen and Sophia.  They even allow the kids to spend the night so we don't have to rush home from a date to pick them up AND (in theory) it gives us a chance to sleep in the next morning.  Who are these magical, mythical people who offer to babysit for us on a weekly basis?  Their names are Opa and Gran otherwise known as... the Grandparents. 

Even though we have almost weekly date night opportunities, Trey and I get a big "F" when it comes to actually planning our date nights.  Dinner and a movie are the "go to" options but I get bored with eating at the same restaurants near our house and I hate wasting money to sit in a dark theather when I could be having a real conversation with my husband.  A real conversation where two people are able to participate without a small child interrupting every 5 seconds to get our attention.  True story - I tried to tell Trey about my day for almost two hours last night but was sidetracked by making dinner, opening tubes of yogurt, giving kids their baths, putting diaper cream on freshly washed bottom, brushing teeth and reading bedtime stories to Sophia.

For the past few months, Trey and I usually end up staring at each other in the kitchen at 6 PM on a Friday night when I am so hungry/tired that I am impatient and grumpy, trying to decide where to go for our date.  So I am trying to make more of an effort to plan fun, interesting date nights IN ADVANCE that still fit our budget and diet.  Which is about as successful as asking Sophia to clean her room and asking Tallen to pee-pee on the potty - impossible!

This week we switched it up and moved date night to Saturday instead of Friday night.  I picked a winery in Grapevine where we could go to a wine tasting, then we were hoping to find somewhere to eat dinner.  The first wine tasting room was closed when we arrived at 6:15 PM even though I had called IN ADVANCE and they told me they were open until 9:30 PM.  FAIL #1.  I soon found out that I had called a different winery that was open late, which is where we ended up about 10 minutes later.  We tasted four wines each and shared most of our glasses.  Suprisingly, we both picked the same wine as our favorite so we bought a bottle to bring home.

Next on the agenda was dinner, however we had not decided on a restaurant in advance.  FAIL #2.  Driving around on a Saturday night at 7:30 PM is not a great way to pick a restaurant in Grapevine or Southlake, especially when you don't have a reservation!!!  Finally we ended up at a mexican restaurant that used to be one of our favorites.  Although the service was quick, we both agreed that the food did not taste great.  FAIL #3.  As we were driving towards our house and trying to decide if we wanted to go to a late movie, I suggested we go out for dessert to make up for the not so great food at dinner.  After dessert and coffee, we vetoed the late movie in favor of going home and watching a movie on the couch instead.  All that wine, food and dessert had made me sleepy and I didn't think I could stay awake in the movie theater. 

Going home was probably the best decision of the night.  After changing out of my date night dress & heels, we snuggled up on the couch and I stayed awake for an entire movie!!!  Finally a successful end to date night!

Do you plan in advance for date night?  What is your usual date night routine -  Dinner and a movie, museum or a concert?

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