Friday, March 11, 2011

A Day in the Life... (aka the GOOD and the BAD)

Excuse me if my blog feels like it has a little bit of a personality disorder lately. Is this a mommy blog or is it a running/fitness blog? I am trying to decide if I want to keep blogging about my kids and family or (because of some creepy searches I found that target pictures of little kids) switch away from the family blogging and focus on healthy food and fitness choices. So until I start another blog or figure this out, you may get a little of both for a while.

Yesterday was one of those scrambled messy days mixed with some GOOD things and some BAD. The BAD part started out very early, when I went into Tallen’s room to get him ready for daycare. When I pulled his PJ shirt over his head, he grabbed both of his ears and cried out in pain. Then he looked at me and shouted “No, Mama” because I had hurt him (BAD). I looked a little closer at his ears and noticed that fluid had drained from both of them during the night but was dry now. After taking Tallen's temperature (no fever), I finished getting him dressed and went to talk to Trey about who could take him to the doctor. Trey’s morning was busy but I had some wiggle room in mine so at 8:00 AM (the minute the doctor office opened), I called and got an apt for 8:30 AM. The nurse took one look at us when we walked in the door and noticed the green fluid oozing out of both ears (BAD) and said “I think I can guess why you are here today”. When we left the office about 30 minutes later, we had a diagnosis of one ear infection (not too BAD) and two prescriptions for antibiotics and ear drops.

After spending $175 on prescriptions (BAD), I started driving Tallen to daycare so I could go to work. While I was in the car, Trey called to tell me that Sophia had asked (actually begged) for me to come to her preschool later that morning because they were having a petting zoo visit for “Rodeo Day”. (Finally, we are getting to the GOOD part of the day). After checking on a few things at work from my computer at home, I drove the three blocks to preschool.

Sophia's first pony ride!
Sophia and I held hands as we walked into the petting corral – goats, baby pigs, chickens, bunnies, baby chicks, guinea pigs, two donkeys and a llama were all waiting to be fed and brushed. Sophia kept going back to get more food and loved sitting down to hold the soft, fluffy bunnies. Finally it was her turn to ride the pony and her eyes were shining with excitement as she climbed up into the saddle (GOOD, GOOD, GOOD!) After a second and third trip to the petting corral to feed those hungry goats, she took a second pony ride before it was time for her class to go inside for lunch. Saying goodbye to mommy was a little hard for Sophia, and she asked more than once to go home with me instead of staying at school (BAD).

I made it to work for the second half of the day, then headed home to make dinner before leaving again for book club that evening. Because the Texas weather was so nice, we decided to eat dinner on the patio. Sophia set the table with paper plates, napkins, forks and cups while Trey cooked chicken sausages on the grill. I made green beans and slaw, then brought out some oranges for dessert and we all relaxed in the sunshine while we ate dinner. Besides Trey dropping his wine glass on the patio and watching it shatter, Tallen refusing to eat anything but cheerios and Sophia spilling her cup of water all over her plate, it was a GOOD family dinner.

I left around 6:30 for book club and Trey stayed home to put the kids to bed.  Dessert, coffee and discussion about the book lingered a little late so when I finally made it back home at 10:00 PM, the house was quiet (GOOD). I soaked in the silence for a few minutes then headed upstairs to bed.

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