Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rock and Roll in Dallas

Today is the Dallas Rock and Roll Half Marathon, and I am not running the race.  I am so bummed.  Last October, I was checking out local races scheduled for the spring on the RunOn website and I saw this race listed in March.  The Rock and Roll part sounded like a lot of fun, with bands playing along the course and a headliner concert at the end.  However, with just a few 5K distances under my belt, the half marathon distance seemed out of reach for me.  When I noticed that this race had a relay option, where one participant runs 6 miles and the second participant runs 7.1 miles, I approached Trey with the idea that we could run it together. 

I made sure he knew that there would be music, LIVE BANDS playing along the course!  Wouldn't that be fun? 

"But I would have to run six miles," he replied, "that does not sound like fun at all". 

I mentioned the headliner concert at the end (unknown at the time, but it turned out the be Brett Michaels).

"I can go to a concert in Dallas anytime," he said, "and I don't have to run six miles to get there."

Okay, so I would not be running the relay either. 

A half marathon really seemed out of my reach at that time, so I decided to train for a 10K instead and picked the Cowtown in Fort Worth which I completed at the end of February.  The idea of a half marathon still lingered in the back of my mind but with no training partner and no experience in training for long distance races, I was not sure if it would ever happen.  That is how I ended up signing up with Team in Training and now my first half marathon is just five weeks away! 

On Friday afternoon, I went to the Health and Fitness Expo for the Dallas Rock and Roll at the convention center in downtown Dallas.  As soon as I entered the doors to the Expo, I felt the pre-race rush of excitement and really wished that I was registered to run this morning's race.  Even with the difficult week that I had just experienced, I wanted to RUN.  While standing there in the middle of the convention floor, surrounded by sponsors, exhibitors, and race participants - I texted Trey and told him that I was running this race next year. Even if he decides that he is not interested in running the relay (because running is one of my hobbies, not his), I will run the half marathon on my own. 

I spent about an hour walking through the Expo and came home with some fun new purchases.  I was fitted for a sports bra at the Moving Comfort exhibit, bought a second pair of running shoes and dry wick socks at Sun and Ski, bought some electrolyte tablets that make a sugar free recovery drink, and bought some GU for my ten mile training run on Saturday.  I also tried several sports drinks (Honey Milk, Cliff, Nuun), energy bars and chomps (Snickers, PowerCrunch, Cliff, PowerBar, GU).  I left with a renewed excitement for running and with new gear to prepare me for my race. 

By the way, I completed my TEN mile training run on Satruday morning around Grapevine Lake, my longest run to date.  It was long, hot and sweaty but I made it.  Just five more weeks to go!

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