Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sundays are the Best for Rest...

When I finally went to bed on Saturday night, I felt like I had been up for three days. Somehow, I managed to do all the following in one day: ran a 10K race, took a shower and a nap, updated my blog, relaxed in the hammock, made turkey spaghetti for dinner, met a friend downtown at the museum, and went to watch UFC fights at a sports bar with my husband. Cramming all of that in one day could only mean one thing… REST DAY ON SUNDAY!

On Saturday afternoon, we took the kids to their grandparents house so they could play and spend the night - which meant that I was able to sleep until 8:30 AM on Sunday morning! (Excuse me while I do a little happy dance). After an exhausting day on Saturday, sleeping late was just what my body needed. Well, the extra sleep and some Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls!  I made a few extra pans of these during the Christmas holiday and put them in the freezer. Then, like most people, I cleaned up my diet after the holidays so those cinnamon rolls have been sitting on the freezer shelf for two months just begging to be eaten. Is it bad that I was happy that the kids were not home so I didn’t have to share?

After church we had nap time/quiet time for the kids (I got another nap in too - two days in a row!), then we all headed outside to enjoy the warm sunshine.  Sophia and I cleaned out the dead leaves and plants from the flower beds, the garden, and the planters on the patio.  Then we had a blast drawing pictures on the driveway with sidewalk chalk.  I drew her a huge beach scene and we pretended to swim, surf, and lay in the sun.  It is hard to believe that about three weeks ago we were playing in the snow and now I am already thinking about the beach!

A slow, easy Sunday.  Just what I needed for my rest day. 

Week 3 mileage: Monday - 4 miles, Tuesday - 3 miles, Thursday - WALKED 2 miles (because of my hamstring), Saturday - 6.2 miles!

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