Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Week 5 Update - A few days late

(Sorry this is being posted a few days late...)

I just finished week 5 of my training - only 7 weeks to go until the Heels and Hills half marathon!

Early morning view of the boat docks on Lake Grapevine

Saturday morning was officially my longest run to date... 7 miles!   I can't say that for too long because the next three weekends I am adding on to that distance to go from 7 miles to 9, 10 and 11 miles.  It was a slow, easy run with lots of water stops and a stretch break when I felt my calves getting tight.  In an effort to be a little better prepared on Saturday, I wore my race belt that held my camera and GU energy gel.  I ate about half of the packet of GU after about 4 1/2 miles and washed it down with some water.  Having my camera on my run allowed me to take a few pictures of the lake and parks along our training route.

Starting out on my 7 mile run

Oak Grove Soccer Complex

New playground at the soccer complex.  Looks like a great place to bring my kids!

A few weeks ago I bought a race belt at the Cowtown Expo.  I tried on the spibelt and the iFitness belt when I was working the Team In Training booth that Friday night before the race, then went back early Saturday morning to make my purchase.  I was set on buying a spibelt because I had heard such great things about it from other runners - but their booth was CLOSED so I ended up with the iFitness.  I actually really liked the way the iFitness belt fit, so I decided to test it out during the race.  It had room for my car keys, phone/camera, GU, and chap stick plus it had toggles for my bib number so I did not have to pin it to my shirt.  I wore it low on my hips and it stayed put most of the time.

Now I need to add some hydration gear, so I am looking for some options that I can add to my race belt.    I also need to upgrade my socks for these long runs so I have a feeling that I need to make a trip to RunOn or Luke's Locker very soon!

Week 5 mileage: (Still recovering from last weekend's illness) Monday - 2.6 miles, Wednesday - 3.1 miles, Saturday 7.1 miles

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