Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Daughter has a Boyfriend

When Trey arrived to pick up Sophia at pre-K a few weeks ago she ran up to him with a huge smile plastered across her face, excited to tell him her news. 

"I met a new friend today, Daddy," she said while by hopping back and forth from one leg to the other, doing her happy dance. (Side note: the happy dance looks a lot like the I have to potty dance but you can tell the difference if she has a panicked look on her face.  This dance was accompanied by a big smile so it had to be the happy dance).

"That's great sweetie," he replied, as he reached down to give her a hug.  "What is her name?" 

"Not a girl daddy, I met a boy!  I don't know his name but he just started going to school here and I met him today and I REALLY like him,"  Sophia said, looking up at her daddy with complete innocence in her bright blue eyes. 

Really... Long... Pause...  Trey picked his heart up off the floor and while beads of sweat formed on his brow.  His little girl LIKED A BOY.  He was so not ready for this.  Didn't he have another 60 years until she started dating?   

"That's great that you made a new friend," he finally said, trying to keep the panic out of his voice.

A few days later, Sophia and I were in the car alone driving home from a birthday party.  I had secretly been informed of her new "friend" but Sophia had yet to share her news with me.  I thought that little girls were supposed to share all their secrets with their mommies but so far I was being left in the dark. 

"Mommy, do you love boys?" Sophia suddenly asked.

My eyes flicked up to the rear view mirror to look at my daughter in the backseat of the car, trying to catch a glimpse of her face.  She was sitting in her pink booster seat, staring out the window and appeared to be deep in thought.  Surprised by her question and unsure where it was leading, I didn't answer right away.   

Finally I responded, "Yes, I love your daddy and he is a boy.  I also love Tallen and he is a boy."

After another long pause I said, "I also love you, Sophia, and I love my mommy and both of you are girls.  So I guess you could say that I love both boys and girls."

"What about you," I finally asked, "who do you love?"

"I just love boys," she answered. 

This was my chance.  She started this coversation and I wasn't going to let it go until I had the scoop.

"Are there any special boys that you love?  Like Daddy, or Tallen, or anyone at school?" I asked again. 

"Mo-om," she answered in very disgusted teenagerish voice.  (Is teenagerish a word?)  "Dad already told you.  I am going to marry that boy on the radio." 

Apparently Trey and Sophia listen to a lot of music on the radio while they are in the car together.  Whenever Sophia hears a song that she likes, first she asks the name of the person or group singing, then she asks to see a picture of them.  With the magic black box that is the iPhone, Trey can pull up a picture in 2.2 seconds of the artist or group.  That is how my daughter decided that she is going to marry Chris Brown.  After hearing his song and seeing his picture for the first time, she declared "I like him, so I think I want to marry him when I get older". 

So now I have a 4 1/2 year old daughter who doesn't tell me about the boys she likes at school, talks to me like I should already know what she is thinking, and wants to marry Chris Brown.  Does anyone else think I should be worried? How did my daughter suddenly become a teenager? 

A few nights later, Sophia and I were lying in her bed talking before I turned out the lights.  I finally asked her "Do you have a boyfriend, Sophia?" 

"Yes, my boyfriend is AJ," she said with a big smile on her face. 

Sophia and her boyfriend, AJ
"Why is he your boyfriend?" I asked.

"Because I like him, Mom.  He's my friend and I like playing with him at school,"  she replied. 

Sophia's teacher snapped a few pictures of them together at school last week.  They were getting ready for a school performance and Sophia would not participate until she was able to stand beside AJ.  That night on stage, in front of all the parents, Sophia held on tightly to AJ's hand while they stood on the stage in the sanctuary and sang several songs.  When the children were finished singing, she pointed excitedly to Trey and me in the audience and told him "Look, there is my mommy and daddy!" 

That is how I met my daughter's first boyfriend. 

I hope she is just as excited to introduce us to her boyfriends at 14 like she is at 4 yrs old. 

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Ashley said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! can we freeze time and REWIND? i need her to still be a little tiny baby that fits in the fold of my arms and i can carry her around! NO BOYFRIENDS YET!! i don't even want to THINK about this happening with my boys yet!!
very cute pic though!