Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Are you an Amazon Mom?

Are you an Amazon Mom?  If not, then you should be. 

Tragically, I was not an Amazon Mom when I had my first baby almost five years ago, and I am kicking myself over the time and money that we wasted over the past few years actually going to a store to buy diapers, wipes and formula.

Now I simply log on to my Amazon Mom account and order the baby supplies I need at a 15% discount AND I receive an additional 15% discount for signing up for Subscribe and Save.  Yes - that is a 30% savings on diapers, wipes, etc.  Subscribe and Save automatically re-orders my selected items at pre-set intervals (we usually go through a box of diapers in one month).  It is almost like Amazon is reading my mind! Don't worry too much about the schedule, you have the option to change your delivery, skip a delivery or get an extra delivery before your subscription is due. 

Did I mention that the diapers are shipped for FREE? Note that the free shipping benefits are based on how much I spend in a single order, so for every $25 dollars I spend I get an additional month of free two day shipping benefits.

The best part is the free shipping applies to other Amazon.com orders too!  Last week I ordered a few books for my summer reading list and my Amazon Mom membership qualified me for free shipping (without the usual $25 order limit). 

Over the weekend I realized that we were running low on diapers, so I logged on to Amazon Mom account.  Even though my next shipment was not scheduled until next month, I selected "send additional delivery now" and those diapers are scheduled to be delivered to my house before I get home from work today.  For a busy mom like me, that is a huge time and money saver!  If you have questions, just go here.

I did not receive any payment or promotional items from Amazon for this post - I am just a busy mom who wanted to spread the word to other busy moms out there like me.

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M. Denise C. said...

I am not a mom, but I heart Amazon. :-)