Thursday, June 23, 2011

Date Night, Done Right!

Friday night, Trey and I decided to cash in a Groupon for wine tasting at a nearby winery to start our Date Night. 

Grapevine, TX has a several wineries and tasting rooms, many which are located on historic Main Street.  We visited Su Vino, a cute little tasting room on the corner of Main, where you can even create your own custom wine.  Seven years ago, we talked about making wine to give as gifts to guests at our wedding... 

Sadly, we have not got around to creating our own wine.  However, this night we were looking forward to sampling several wines from the tasting menu.  First, we started with the Sparkling Almond Champagne.  It was so light, sweet and delicious that we decided to take home a bottle!

We also ordered the cheese platter as an appetizer to snack on during our tasting. Trey decided to stick with all white wines while I wanted to try at least one red.

After a long week, it was nice to have a chance to relax and talk to my husband without kids interrupting our conversation. 

Trey and I both look forward to "Date Night" each week and the was a great way to start off the night. It also helps that we have stepped up our efforts in planning date night after some failures earlier in the year.

I finished off the night with an after dinner drink, a taste of the Grande Finale.  It was described as liquid honey and I liked it at first.  However, the super sweetness did not sit well in my stomach and I needed several glasses of water before dinner to get my appetite back.  

I told you we took home some champagne!  My plan is to take it with us to the beach and drink it at night while listening to the sound of the ocean.  Did I mention we are leaving tomorrow for vacation!!?

Trey also bought a bottle of Summer Rain which was a light, refreshing white wine blend.  It is perfect to sip on during the hot summer days, however we will not be taking that bottle to the beach with us because it is already gone!  Tallen has been sick for three days and it has been a rough week, so Trey needed a glass (or two) of wine in the evenings. 

Overall, it was the great way to start off Date Night.  We both agreed that we need to go back to Su Vino again soon to stock up on some of our favorite wines, and hopefully create our own custom wine.  Maybe I will name it Suiresphere and invite some friends over for a wine tasting at our house.  I can always find a reason to drink more wine!

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