Monday, June 20, 2011

A Father's Day weekend - Part One

Aww my kids are sweet.. look at them sitting together,
watching an educational program on TV.
Oh who am I kidding, they are just in a trance from  
watching Scooby Doo for the 247th time.
So the rest of the weekend was a little better than the beginning (click here to read about the start of our day), but I was already starting out with low expectations so it could only go up from there, right? 

When I left off on Saturday afternoon, the kids were in their bedrooms for "nap time".  Sophia does not actually nap but I still make her have quiet time in her bed while Tallen is napping, in hopes that she might accidentally drift off to dreamland.  Tallen slept for a glorious two hours, then I made Sophia take a shower and get dressed for her Daddy/Daughter date night. 

Chick-fil-a hosts a special event on Father's Day weekend, where a limo picks up the couple for their "date" and drives them to the restaurant.  A reserved table was waiting for them inside, and they had their own server who took their order and brought the food to their table.  Apparently, daddy and daughter toasted the evening with four glasses of "champagne" lemonade, had their picture taken by a photographer, and talked about their favorite color, food, and friends.  SUPER. SWEET. 

All dressed up for her date night with Daddy!
Yes, she has a better tan then me and I am jealous.
Rest assured, Tallen and I finally made it to Target to buy a Father's Day gift while Sophia was on her date with Trey.  This was Trip One of the three-trip Target weekend.  After the Daddy/Daughter date, all four of us headed to Saginaw the meet up with Brandi (of B4 Photography) who has taken amazing pictures of our family every year. Like these...

2008: Sophia at age two, with her beloved bunny.

Family picture 2008 - No matter how hard we tried, we could not get Sophia to smile.

2009: Brandi came to our house to capture some amazing pictures of a two week old Tallen.

2010: She was even there to celebrate this little boy's first birthday!

As I mentioned earlier, I was not getting my hopes up about the pictures.  I swear if you hold up a camera in front of my kids faces right now, they both shout "NO" and look away.  Every. Single. Time. 

However Brandi is very patient and she must have sprinkled her magic picture-taking pixie-dust on my kids (in the form of candy) because they actually smiled for the camera.  "Flat out bribery," she said is what works best for kids.  So in addition to the candy, we promised to buy Sophia lots of sand toys for our beach trip next week.  For the first time ever, we left a photo session thinking "Man, we got a lot of great shots tonight!"  In just a few weeks, I should have the photos to post. 


Sunday was Father's Day and I decided to treat my husband with breakfast in bed.  After some covert text-messaging, I convinced Trey to stay in bed until I could get the kids to cooperate by "surprising" daddy with pancakes and coffee.

Disclaimer - These are actually my pancakes
and they look much prettier than what I actually served Trey.
Then it was off to church, where we met up with Trey's parents.  After church I headed to Walmart, still dressed in my strapless dress and heels, because Coco Puff needed some dog food.  After some strange looks, I realized that I was way OVER-dressed for the Walmart people (seriously, check out this link) and hurried home. 

After throwing Trey's Father's Day presents in a gift bag (no, I did not have time to wrap it), Tallen gave it to his Daddy.  Inside were two dri-fit shirts and some running socks.  I promise I am not boring, these were AWESOME gifts for Trey and he loved them!.  However, one of the shirts was too small so I headed back to Target (Trip Two of the three-trip Target weekend) to exchange it while Trey put Tallen down for his nap.  Sophia came along with me to cash in on her photo session bribe (fun sand toys for the beach) while I exchanged Trey's shirt for a bigger size. 

Back at home, Trey tried on his shirt again but this time it was too BIG!  Apparently, the first shirt I bought was a SMALL (I picked up a MEDIUM hanger but never checked the size ), then I exchanged it for a LARGE.  So, can you guess what happened next? 

Yes, it was Trip Three of my three-trip Target weekend. 

This time Trey AND both kids came with me to Target so he could try the shirt on and get the right size.  I feel like we were trapped in the story, "The Three Little Bears."  The first shirt was too small, the second shirt was too big, and the third shirt was just right!!!

Ok, I am exhausted already and I still haven't got to our Father's Day dinner.   Look for more tomorrow in Father's Day part Two.

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