Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Father's Day weekend - Part Two

After meeting my Target quota for the month, our little family of four drove to pick up Trey's parents for Father's Day dinner.  Our destination was Rockfish Seafood Grill in Highland Village, because my Father-in-law requested seafood for dinner  The menu at Rockfish includes lots of fresh fish, healthy side dishes, and a larger variety than chicken nuggets and pizza on the children's menu.  Even better, their Happy Hour prices apply all day on Sunday

Trey dropped his parents, the kids and me off in front of the restaurant while he looked for a parking place at the shopping center.  We were immediately seated at a large booth in the corner (yay) but within two minutes, both of my kids had burst into tears (boo).  First, I was surprised when I looked down and saw blood on Sophia's foot (I remember thinking how did she cut her foot on a knife already?), then I realized it was from a cut that was already there.  I guess she was scratching it and it started bleeding.

Anyway, her shrieks were freaking Tallen out!  He was literally climbing into my lap and clutching my neck with a death grip while I tried to convince Sophia that a little blood was not a big deal.  She was breaking out into a sweat from crying so hard and I was already regretting our attempt at eating out. 

When I realized that I had left the bag filled with snacks, sippy cups, diapers and wipes in the car, I called Trey to ask him to bring it with him.  He could barely hear me over the screaming and crying but grabbed the bag and showed up shortly to calm Sophia down.  We even managed to get Tallen in his high chair so he could get busy with his job as "Official Thrower of Goldfish Crackers on the Restaurant Floor".

If I was our waitress that night, I would have already turned around and ran the other way.  But she was WAYYYY more patient than me and came back to the table three times before I could even give her our drink order. 

After a band-aid and some lemonade, Sophia seemed to be doing better... until she looked at me and said her tummy hurt.  Visions of her throwing up in the middle of the restaurant, ruining every one's Father's Day dinner flashed through my mind. 

"Do you want to go to the restroom?" I asked.  "Do you need to throw up?" 

She said no, but I put a plastic bag beside her booster chair and gave her some of Tallen's goldfish and my glass of water.  Within five minutes I could tell she was feeling better because she was laughing and doing this to her daddy...

What's that?  I can't hear you...

Oh, I can't hear you because there is a lemon in my ear...

Daddy was doing whatever it took to make Sophia happy. 
Even if that meant having lemons shoved in his ears. Happy Father's Day Trey!

Tallen thought lemons in Daddy's ear was hilarious.  He was laughing LOUD.  No really, SCREAMS of laughter.   

When I tried to quiet Tallen down he just grabbed my face in his sweet little hands...
and ROARED like a lion at me again.

Tallen was screaming so loud, that the family sitting beside us were cringing and leaning away from our table.  If I were the family at the table beside us, I would have also turned and ran the other way when I saw the chaos that we create.  At the very least, I would have requested another table.

This smile is all it took to make me forget about all the whining, screaming, crying, spilling, and shouting over Father's Day weekend. 

However, nothing will make up for those three trips to Target.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day with your family. 

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