Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How (NOT) to Welcome Out of Town Guests in your Home

Trey's cousin, who is Tallen's godmother, is visiting us for the next few days.  We LOVE having her visit but I am not sure we gave her the best welcome on her first night here...

Welcome to Casa A La Suire! 

We are so happy to host you in our home this week.  How was your 6 hour drive?  I hope you are enjoying the HOT Dallas weather.  We specifically ordered a temperature of 98 degrees for your visit.  Yes, it will be 98-100 degrees the entire time you are here with FULL SUN every day.  Not a cloud in the sky to provide any shade whatsoever.  Only the best for our out of town guest!  

Let me show you to your room.  Be careful to squeeze your luggage through the narrow baby gate, then head upstairs.  Watch that second baby gate at the top of the stairs, many guests tend to trip over the metal bar across the bottom.  We have prepared the best room in the house for your, located directly between the bedrooms of our two small children. Yes, on either side of you is a child that could begin screaming in the middle of the night or a child that wakes up early and begins yelling for his mommy.  

Here is your room.  Please excuse the stacks of outgrown children's clothes that need to be given to Goodwill, but for now let's pretend they just add character to your room.  Sorry, the light bulb in the lamp beside the bed is out, so you will have to open the closet door and turn on the light inside if you need to see in your room after it gets dark.  Just don't actually look in the closet because it is very messy.  This is our storage closet and we don't want our guests to look in there and see how unorganized we really are.

Warm?  It's warm upstairs?  Oh, you noticed that.  My apologies but the upstairs air conditioner has been out for a few days.  We hope to get it fixed tomorrow but there are not guarantees that it will be working at all during your stay.  My best advice is to stay downstairs as much as possible during your visit.  Only go upstairs after 11 PM when it has finally cooled off from a steamy 86 degrees to a not-so-stifling 82.  And you will not need those pesky covers when you sleep.  I also recommend that you keep your door open so that the downstairs air can have a chance to drift into your room.  Just be warned that both of the kids will have their doors open too which means there is a better chance that you will hear them crying if they wake up in the middle of the night.     

The bathroom.  You will have to share a bathroom with our two small children.  Sophia tends to smear toothpaste on the counter around the sink when she brushes her teeth and we have discovered that this attracts ants.  We are trying to teach her to clean up after herself, but she is four so she is not that tidy.  I would recommend that you wipe the sink and counter down at night after you brush your teeth so we don't have another ant invasion.  Tallen is attempting to potty train so watch out for the pink potty in the floor of the bathroom, it can be a trip hazard.  In fact, the entire upstairs area can be a tripping hazard because our kids tend to leave their toys on the floor.  Be careful where you walk, especially at night when you can't see what toys they have left on the floor.  And remember, you should only venture upstairs at night because the A/C is broken...

What do you want to do while you are here for your visit?  Just remember that Mr. and Mrs. Suire (owners of Casa A La Suire) will both be working during the week and may not have much time to show you around Dallas or spend much time with you between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM.

Do we have any plans for dinner?  Oh dear.  I would have to go to the store to buy something to cook and I'm kind of tired from working all day... Let's just go out to dinner.  And to make up for this horrible welcome we gave you, let's go out for frozen yogurt afterwards!

Otherwise, we are SO happy that you are here to visit for a few days!  Enjoy your stay!

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Trisha said...

I love this blog so much! And I had a fantastic time during my stay! Love y'all! ^_^