Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Got Ice Cream!

"I got ICE CREAM!" he yelled in delight. 

His little feet slapped against the tiles as he ran around the store, stopping at each of the tables filled with families. 

"Hey, I got ICE CREAM!" he would yell as he tipped his bowl down to show them the smallest swirl of frozen yogurt.  The other moms and dads in the store looked down at him and smiled, while the cool teenagers in the corner just looked away.  One dad even answered back, "You must be excited to eat your ice cream." 

He turned to me and yelled, "Mommy, I eat my ice cream!" 

"Yes, you can eat your ice cream now.  Let's get you a spoon and find a place to sit while you eat," I answered.

Sophia wanted to sit on the bar stools, but Tallen was too little so our family decided to split up.  Daddy and Sophia ate their yogurt at a counter in the corner, while Tallen and I had an "ice cream date" at our own table.

Maybe Sophia was just practicing to be one of those cool teenagers who ignored Tallen, or maybe she just wanted time alone with her Daddy.

No words are needed to describe how sweet this moment was...

As I watched Tallen eat his own bowl of frozen yogurt for the very first time, he melted my heart.

He even stopped to offer me a bite, but I had already finished my own bowl.  If you look closely in the picture below, you can see his little ice cream mustache!

This was just one of those little moments in life that means so much to a mom.  I am definitely going on another ice cream date with this little boy again soon! 

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