Friday, June 10, 2011

It's Time for this Mom to Clock Out!

Every working mother faces the same obstacles when she gets home from work each evening.  Moms rush to get dinner on the table, because we have a family to feed.  Then there are notes and papers from daycare and preschool that me must read.  Then we have to make sure everyone has clean clothes to wear the next day, help pick an appropriate non-toy to bring to show and tell, and remember to send more diapers to daycare.  Most nights the kids need a bath, then it is time to fight the teeth brushing battle.  Finally, we get to my favorite part of the night, which involves reading a few books followed by hugs, kisses and bedtime. 

I celebrate bedtime. 

If you are like me, there are some nights when you just you can't wait until those kids are finally in bed and you can Clock Out from your Mommy Job

When my Mommy Job is finished, I can focus on something important... like sitting next to my husband on the couch, drinking a beer and watching So You Think You Can Dance.  That describes how I felt last night. 

To be fair, I did not even have bedtime duty yesterday evening.  Trey had asked if he could put Tallen to bed, because they had not hung out together all day.  We both love to be in charge of Tallen's bedtime duty because it very sweet and super easy.  Our little boy is full of hugs, kisses and pretty much goes to sleep as soon as you lay him in his bed. 

Sophia is the total opposite.  That girl can stall her bedtime FOREVER.  So when I noticed her walking upstairs to get a toy about 10 minutes before her bedtime, I told her to change into pajamas so her dad could put her to bed.  That immediately sparked tears, cries of protest, and a mini temper tantrum (from Sophia, not Trey).  While Trey took care of putting Sophia to bed, I finished loading the dishwasher.  I was sitting down for the first time that night when Trey came downstairs about five minutes later.

Mom and Dad were officially off the clock.  Or so we thought.

After about ten minutes, Sophia yelled for me to come tell her goodnight.  I climbed off the couch, up the stairs and went into her room for a quick hug and kiss.  She told me she needed to potty.  The she wanted to change her pajamas.  I could almost see her dreaming up excuses in her head, finding any reason to delay going to bed.  After a potty break, a change of clothes and some hugs and kisses I headed back downstairs.

About 15 minutes later, Sophia yelled for her Dad.  He forgot to say prayers with her before bed.  Oh My GOD!  Really?  I was in the kitchen getting something to drink so I let him handle that one. 

Another 15 minutes go by and I hear her yelling for me again.  "WHAT?" I yell from my comfortable spot on the couch. 

"I need to tell you something Mom," Sophia said.

"WHAT IS IT?" I yelled back. 

"Um, I...  I am thinking about...  I keep thinking about you leaving again Mom," she said. 

I couldn't ignore this one.  Even if it was a stalling tactic, Sophia has experienced abandonment and separation anxiety in the past, as a result of me traveling for business.  So I pulled my butt off the couch, climbed up the stairs again and went into her room.  Without saying a word, I pulled her up on my lap and gave her a big hug then covered her face with kisses. 

"Mommy is right here sweetie," I said.  "I am not going anywhere.  I have to work tomorrow, then I will be home with you all weekend." 

Sophia smiled at me then curled up in her bed, clutching her bunny in her arms.  I covered her with her soft blanket and told her goodnight.  When I left, she was smiling sweetly with her eyes closed. 

"Night Night, Mom"  she said in a singsong voice.

Trey smiled in amusement when I came downstairs, trying not to laugh at my frustration.

I should get paid overtime for this. 

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