Saturday, June 18, 2011

No Schedules on Saturdays

Today is one of those days where so far, nothing is going as planned.  First, I wanted to get up early to go for a run.  Really early, like before 7 AM so I could beat the heat and take advantage of my kid free Saturday morning to get in more than my lunchtime 3 mile runs.  When my alarm went off at 6:30, I realized that I had a throbbing earache.  All this week I have been a little under the weather, mainly a sore throat and annoying cough, but not sick enough to actually take a day off of work so I guess the earache is just the icing on the cake.  I HATE getting sick on Saturdays because I am two days away from getting in to see the doctor but not sick enough to justify a trip to a family clinic. 

So, I hit snooze and debated about going on my run for the next 45 minutes (which is how long I can hit snooze until my alarm clock finally surrenders and turns itself off).  First I decided to rest instead of running, but then I could not go back to sleep and I started to get mad because I had been looking forward to this run all week.  Seriously, I really prefer running outside and mornings is the only time the temperature drops below 90 degrees in Dallas.  I had also planned on running around the lake with Trey and now we were just wasting out free time on Saturday by sleeping! 

By the time I got out of bed, I was annoyed with myself and determined to put on my running shoes and head out for a few miles.  As I put my shorts and sports bra on, I announced to Trey, "I am going running.  If you want to go with me, you have to get up now!"  He did not complain but got up and was dressed in five minutes.

We drove to Grapevine so I could show Trey my route that I ran with Team In Training, and we set out on a slow, easy four mile run.  The temperature was in the 80's but we did have some shade and I wore my hydration belt so we had water with us.  I rarely get to run alongside my husband but we enjoyed talking about our upcoming races this year.  Once we got back to the car and stretched, I realized that I NEVER regret getting up for a run but I always regret sleeping through one.

After our run, we stopped by to pick up our produce bin and headed home.  I put away our food (new post on that later) and grabbed a quick snack of Greek yogurt and granola before picking up the kids.  I had to take a quick shower first because I was stinky after my run,.  Then I threw on some shorts, a Tshirt and my TOMS and grabbed my keys.  My plan was to take the kids to Target to let them pick out a Father's Day gift for Trey but when I got to Gran's house, they were both very cranky. 

Sophia refused to put on the shirt I packed because she said it was too tight.  Then she cried because I wanted her to brush her hair.  The fact that she had to put on her shoes just sent her over the edge.  As soon as I walked in the door, Tallen asked me to hold him and would not let me sit down.  He kept grabbing my face with his hands, staring me in the eyes and yelling "ROARRRR!" like a lion. 

Once I managed to get both kids in the car, they saw my hydration belt and started asking for a drink.  I filled both bottles about halfway full of water, but Sophia started crying again because she wanted milk instead.  Tallen happily started drinking his then asked for Sophia's (which she was still refusing to drink).  When she saw that her brother wanted something that was hers, she grabbed it out of my hand and yelled "NO!". 

At that point, I gave up all hope of making it to Target.  "New plan," I told the kids, "We are heading home for naps RIGHT NOW!"  This brought on a fresh wave of tears from Sophia.  Tallen just grabbed the second bottle of water to drink (or so I thought).  When I took him out of his car seat at home, I discovered that he had really just held the second bottle upside down and poured it all over his lap. 

After making both of the kids a cup of milk (while they both stood in the kitchen and cried), I took them upstairs and put them to bed.  Well, I had to change Tallen's clothes first because he was soaking wet, THEN I put him to bed.  Now I am trying to figure out when I will have time to make it to Target for a Father's Day gift.

Did I mention that we also have Family pictures tonight (outside at 6:30 PM when the temperature is expected to be 103 degrees) and we do not have a good history of the kids cooperating with our photographer.  I am just leaving all my expectations at home and will see what comes out of this photo shoot.  Maybe I will be pleasantly surprised...

Do you ever have one of those days when nothing goes as planned?  Are you good at going with the flow or do you fight to stay on schedule?

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